Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday, March 1, 2010
Hello all.

So, about the job I would find out about? The good news is they wanted me to join the firm. The bad news is the position was downgraded to a part-time one, meaning I had to decline.

It's not that I didn't like the people. The owners were both nice people. But a part-time position... I'm sorry, but I can't fathom working for $15/hour, 20 hours a week, when I can be using that time to escort and making several hundred dollars an hour. It's just not feasible right now.

Live and learn. However, I do have some other interviews lined up in the coming weeks. I really have no idea why I seem to be having more luck getting said interviews than I did before. Is it the freelance projects I do each month? Perhaps they're making me seem more competent. Or rather, more experienced.

I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later -- the idea that with enough freelance gigs and references, I would be able to catch the attention of a recruiter and/or head of a firm. Still, there's a part of me that nags at the back of mind, asking if leaving escorting for good is a wise idea.

Actually, allow me to amend that: Perhaps at heart, I'm an entrepreneur. Given the fact that I've had success in freelance gigs thus far, should I continue to expand my business? Is looking for a 9-5 gig really the wisest move, after I've really been my own boss for so long?

Part of me says yes, a 9-5 gig will give me better access to resources and co-workers that can expand my mind and sharpen my work habits. The other half, well, it tells me that I've made my own way in this world just fine, and that sitting in an office all day won't rest well with who I am at heart.

In any event, I must get ready for work. One of those interviews in the coming weeks is up north, meaning I'll be catching a flight. One that I must pay for myself, might I add. So, if things get a little thin around here in terms of updates, rest assured I'm not ignoring my blog. Rather, I'm fucking my way to a higher pay day to finance my little trips.

Take care, everyone. And thank you for all your continued support.

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