Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Kaye and the Women

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Please excuse the corny title.

I've pretty much accepted the fact that my life has been influenced, dominated and/or cultivated by women. Strong, independent, head-strong females have been in my life since birth. My mother is no push over, and from my university professors all the way to my current agent, it seems that women are the ones who make the big decisions in my life.

So, it came as no surprise that on Monday afternoon, I found myself in a room with not one, not two, but four women. The firm I was interviewing at was located in downtown Manhattan, within a beautiful building that had a handsome view onto the streets below.

As I waited to meet the senior partner at the firm, I settled onto the red sofa and helped myself to a bottle of Evian water at the receptionist's urging. Oh, and I had a danish as well. Both quite tasty. So when I finally met the partner, well, it was quite like meeting a client for the first time.

Yes, I was being evaluated. The difference was it was a two-way conversation, meaning I was welcome to ask as many questions of her as she was of me. For those who are wondering, yes, I did find her attractive. She was blonde, trim, and wore a flattering black sweater along with dark jeans. I complimented her heels (Jimmy Choo, she told me), which immediately broke the ice.

Next came the grilling part. She tested my knowledge of the business, what I felt the big changes were, and how I would fit into the firm. Judging from her laughter, nodding and agreeing with me on several points, I'd say I did well on all accounts.

Next came the other senior partner. After that, two senior account executives. I was being "passed around" the office if you will, and did my hardest to charm those ladies as I would any client. My sense of humor aids me well; I believe I made each and every one of them left. One big hit was when I mentioned I was contemplating buying the Barnes & Noble Nook.

"Really? one of the executives asked. "Why a Nook rather than Sony's e-reader or Amazon's Kindle?"

"Well, I like the design of the Nook much better. Plus, there are incentives for those who also go to Barnes & Noble's brick and mortor stores. Did you know you can get free cookies?"

The executive's eyes widened. "Really? How? Does a coupon fill the screen of the Nook or something?"

I nodded. "Yup, that's exactly that it does. That way, I can get a cookie with my--"

"Nookie!" the executive said, and all of us started laughing. Leave it to one of the women to make a vagina joke, but a vagina joke she did make. When I bid adieu, I shook all of their hands individually and said I hoped to hear from the soon. The first senior partner I met with was grinning like an alligator who'd just found an antelope for dinner. Was this a good sign?

I certainly hope so.

So, wish me luck everyone. I met with a firm that I liked, full of women I would like nothing more than to work with each day. Hell, the job is even in my field of study from university! A definite plus.

As I walked onto the streets of downtown Manhattan, I felt great. Not that escorting isn't without its fun, but being in a firm full of smart, kind and beautiful women... I could get used to that as well.

I realize I'm eating my words about not looking for work outside escorting. Oddly enough, this opportunity found me -- and I can safely say that I want it. So to those who read the blog, keep your positive energy up for me. And no matter what, this blog will continue.
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