Friday, March 26, 2010

Man About Town: The New Beginning

Friday, March 26, 2010

The reception over at Twitter has been wonderful thus far. People congratulating me, wishing me well, and asking a few questions about what my new job will be like. Much as I'd love to reveal all -- my identity, what my degree is in, the firm I'll be working for -- I'm afraid I can't do so.

Still, that doesn't mean I can't give you a little information.

My new job is an entry-level position in the communications field. I really, really enjoyed the people at the firm. They were kind, eager to get to know me, and not to mention their offices were beautiful. I'll be working in downtown Manhattan, with easy access to the subway and commuter trains.

The firm has a specialty as well. Again, I can't say what, but just as certain communications firms specialize in, let's say, travel/hospitality or pharmaceuticals, my firm has a niche as well. I made it a point to walk into my interview with several magazines that covered that niche, to make sure the senior partners knew I was taking the job seriously.

Besides finally being able to do what I studied at university, there are other benefits as well. The biggest is health care. I've been paying out of pocket for awhile now, and while I was able to get a good deal due to my age, it's one expense I won't miss at the end of each month.

Secondly, the firm does offer a nice 401(k) contribution plan. And of course who can forget the three weeks paid vacation, half-day Fridays during the summer, even the occasional dinner out. How on earth they managed to keep these perks going in the midst of a rotten economy is beyond me, but they did.

Oh, and for those who think I'll be leaving all my lovely clients behind, you're right. What I will gain, however, is a great group of co-workers -- nearly all of them female. It seems no matter where I go or what I do, women are part of the deal. My immediate boss, the senior partners -- all women.

But for right now, I'll be honoring my clients here in Miami for the month of April. My agent already knows that I'll be leaving, and as of right now, I'll be starting work in New York City on the second week of May. So between now and then, I'll be searching for an apartment, perhaps a roommate. 

It's all rather exciting. For those who enjoyed my stories as a male escort, don't despair. I'll do my best to continue this blog. While there certainly won't be as much sex, I think I can replace it with something equally as interesting: How an escort transitions from sex work to the "real world."

Stay tuned, everyone. My real life has just begun.

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