Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to Leave

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, it's happened folks: I've accepted a job offer and am making arrangements to leave both escorting and Miami.

It won't happen all at once, of course. I need time to save a bit of money, find a new apartment near New York City, sell my car, and tie up some loose ends here in Florida.

The news that I'd been chosen for the job came via phone. I could hardly believe what I was hearing, for full-time work in my field of study from university had been so elusive thus far. But I suppose there's some truth to the fact that if one tries hard and long enough, something will happen.

After I finished the phone call, I went out on the balcony of my apartment and stared at the water. I surely didn't cry, but I did feel a pang of sadness over realizing that my life in Miami was coming to an end. I would miss the Cuban Sandwiches, the world-class beaches, and most of all the friends I've come to know and love.

I broke the news to Adam and Bailey earlier this evening, and they were both ecstatic. Simone, however, was a different story. It's not that she was unhappy. Rather, my imminent departure from Miami cemented the fact that our relationship wasn't meant to be.

I'll miss her dearly. I'll miss her companionship, her comfort, and yes, the sex. Kinky as our sexual escapades have been, I wrote them to illustrate how comfortable she and I had become. I don't let my guard down that often -- and when I do, I really like to take advantage of the situation.

Sudden as all of this is, there's still one last bombshell to be revealed. Remember when I bemoaned the fact that Rebecca left me? How she was moving up north -- and that I meant north as in Chicago and Tallahassee? Well, Rebecca did indeed go up north, but it wasn't to Chicago.

She's in New York. And soon, so will I.

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