Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Much has happened these past few months. I’m working at a new PR firm, one that’s even more prestigious than my former employer. I couldn’t believe when my new employer agreed to interview me, let alone when I received the job. My new position includes a bevy of goodies, among them a higher salary and more prestigious account work.

There’s more, too. You see, I’ve also taken up escorting again. I know, I know -- gasp! Shock! Horror! The naysayers must be right: Once a sex worker, always a sex worker. Guilty as charged, I suppose. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My breakup with Simone was tough. Despite my efforts, we simply grew apart. A three-way with Noah didn’t change that. After our breakup I was left with a nagging feeling that I would always have to live with two separate identities: “Julian” and the “real me.”

After all, how could a marketing professional ever live beside a sex worker?

The answer hit me like a slap in the face: The only way I could make both identities “work” is if I finally realized that “Julian” isn’t a separate persona -- he’s part of me, and he always has been. My clients back in Miami weren’t paying to spend time with a stranger. They were spending time with me.

Who cares if it was under a different name? Was I not there in mind and body during all of those bookings? Did I not make them laugh? Listen to them commiserate about their lives? Have sex with them, or just hold their hand and dine and drink and laugh under the beautiful night sky?I missed escorting. I missed the sheer variety of women; the way it padded my bank account; the feeling of excitement that comes with walking into a hotel or a private home and not knowing who or what would await me on the other side.

So, the outcome of my decision? I feel better than I have in months, and I’m making more money now than I ever thought possible. I keep my bookings limited to nights and weekends, and usually average about four to five per month. This is strictly a part-time venture of mine -- but good God does it pay handsomely.

I’m back, folks. And while I can’t make any promises… I think that my blog might be back, too. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Seeing how I'm home with a case of allergies (don't laugh; it's terrible!) I thought I'd finally update my blog. Life has been hectic, but there is a topic out there that people have been asking my opinion about: the new Showtime series Gigolos.

People, I am at a loss for words.

The experiences of the men on Gigolos is very, very different from my own. For starters, I didn't have many other male escorts to mingle with. There certainly wasn't a community in Miami, and I don't really think that there is one in Las Vegas, either. The "brotherhood" was something created solely for the cameras, as most escorts operate alone.

In addition, I have something else to say: I think that at least half of the men in Gigolos are gay. And no woman in her right mind would pay money to have sex with that orange-skinned leper who looks like he's in his mid-forties.

And really, what the hell kind of name is Brace? That's right -- a fake one.

I will, however, give my seal of approval to one gigolo in the group: Jimmy. Here is a man who is good looking enough to have a real career as a sex worker. More importantly, he has a personality. No pseudo-machismo like Nick, who I truly believe is gay and is just playing straight for the cameras.

Now, what are some things I agree with on the show? I've been paid to have sex with women in front of their husbands, escort elderly women around town, and have sex with a woman who's divorced, has kids, and doesn't have time for a relationship.

All in all, I do with the men well, particularly Steven, who really does seem to put his son's welfare first and foremost. Unfortunately, many people are in sex work to support their children. It's not all single people living fancy-free, and I respect that.

But really... Brace? Lay off the self-tanner. Vin, stop calling yourself a feminist. And Nick, it's OK to come out. You'll probably be in a Corbin Fisher movie sooner or later.

Last thing: I am glad that the series is on television. Why, you ask? Because it finally proves something I've been saying for years: women can and do pay for sex -- they just don't do it enough. Perhaps if the business can produce higher quality gigolos like Jimmy, more women would be willing to give it a try.

And that, my friends, would be good for all of us.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome Back...

Friday, January 28, 2011

I know, I know. Bad Julian!

I wish I had a good reason as to why I haven't been updating the blog lately. Truth is, I don't. But between the holidays, Simone and I breaking up and even more projects at work, I've been a bit of a bore lately.

The latest snowstorm took care of that. Manhattan is awash in the stuff, and the trek I made to Central Park was well worth it. Th entire area was covered in white, fluffy flakes -- from the park itself to the rooftops of all the surrounding building. When the sun peeked through the clouds at dusk and cast its orange shadows over the land, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

So, what of my personal life? Several girls at work offered to fix me up with single friends of theirs upon hearing that I'd broken up with my significant other. Not quite sure if that violates any company policy, but even if it didn't, I turned down the offers for now. For the first time in awhile I'm enjoying being single again.

Noah and I have been spending more time together -- platonically speaking, of course. Oddly enough the fact that he went down on me in the midst of the threesome hasn't compromised our ability to be friends. Perhaps men are just better at compartmentalizing things like that.

I haven't heard from Simone since Christmas day, when she sent me a text wishing me a happy one. I replied, and we left it at that. Of course she still reads this blog and knows my true identity -- but I'm not concerned about her "outing" me. She's too good for that. Not to mention, she was an escort herself, after all.

If there's anything I hope to accomplish in 2011, it's to continue growing professionally, and that unfortunately means less time to update this blog and goof around on my Twitter feed. Still, rest assured that I love you all. Every last person who's read this blog and emailed or Tweeted me.

I'll try to be better with updates. And should I accept any offers for a blind date, I'll be sure to write all about it here.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Work

Sunday, January 2, 2011
It's almost 5 p.m. on Sunday, January 2, 2011. I arrived back in New York City earlier this afternoon, and I'm currently in my apartment, going through my work emails and putting together an action plan for my first day back at the office tomorrow.

I'll be forever grateful for my boss, who decided to give us, her staff, a one-week vacation in addition to the two weeks we're given as part of our benefits package. I needed this break, I really did. Especially since Simone and I ended up parting ways.

It's not bad, really. Like I mentioned before, we'd been growing apart for some time now. With my work in advertising/PR taking up an increasing amount of my time, we didn't get together as often as before. My boss is pleased with my work, and as such, has increased my role at the firm, as well as my responsibilities.

Simone is still working as a dominatrix, and is doing well. On the train ride from my hometown back to NYC, I couldn't help but think that perhaps sex workers and those on the "outside" just aren't meant to be together. Sad, but true.

Oh, but there have been good times to share recently. Both Adam and Bailey were in New York City over Thanksgiving, and I was so, so glad to see them. We went out, drank, and stumbled our way into a cab like a couple of college kids. To this day I look back fondly on my time in Miami -- and having them here only solidified my view that Miami represents some of the best times in my life.

But I'm a big boy now, making my way up the corporate ladder in the most competitive market in the United States. So far, I like it -- but that could change. Maybe one day I'll return to the Miami, the Magic City, or perhaps even Chicago or San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The New Year is all about possibilities, after all. And after years of whining and pining over the life I thought I deserved, I find myself stunned, for I'm living the very life I wanted to have for so very, very long.

So stay tuned, dear readers. I realize this blog isn't as exciting as it used to be. how can working in an office compete with having sex with strangers for money several times a week?

Still, I'll keep writing. And I hope that you'll keep reading, too.

Happy New Year.
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