Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Measuring Up

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How large is your penis?

An reader emailed me this question earlier this week. I was about to write back personally, but instead I believe I'll address it here. There's a lot of chatter about what's more important in terms of penis size. Width versus length, for example, or even girth.

Seeing how I don't possess a vagina and have never been on the receiving end of anal sex, I don't know what "feels best." However, I can say that I've never had any complaints about my member, which measure six inches in length -- perhaps a bit longer, depending on how erect my erection. 

Will a woman's eyes automatically widen at the sight of an enormous member? And by enormous I mean eight inches or longer. Usually, the answer to this question is yes. At some of the group sex sessions I've had in the past, I watched as several women all but drooled in looking at one man's particularly long cock. And yet, only one woman had sex with him.

Perhaps the cock that's fun to look at isn't necessarily the best to be penetrated with?

From what I understand about vaginas -- and given my profession, I'd say it's more than the average man -- they apparently are quite sensitive. Prone to pain, even, assuming the man doesn't take care in making his entrance. The act of vaginal sex itself can be painful as well. Not just during the first time, but even after the hymen is broken.

I don't know if there exists a magic number for penis size, but if there is, by all means let me know via email or Twitter. I'm curious to see how I compare with any "ideal" that women have in mind.

And for the record, a client once asked for me to measure. Why she had a ruler by her bed is beyond me, unless she intentionally put it there for me to measure in front of her. Of course I obliged; why wouldn't I? She nodded, smiled, and then we had sex. Oddly enough, I didn't feel uncomfortable during this little process at all.

Then again, if I'm willing to let Simone spank me, watch a client fuck her husband in the ass with a strap-on, and be a whore in general, it's not like I'm that bashful. I never did understand prudes, really. If one doesn't engage in sex, what the bloody hell do they do for fun?

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