Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Weeks' Notice

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've told several of my clients that I'm leaving escorting.

Their reactions have ranged from surprised to disappointed. Everyone has congratulated me, of course, but more than a few were saddened to learn that I wouldn't be a part of their lives come May.

How do I feel about leaving my clients? Well, I certainly enjoyed some of them more than others. I've been with doctors and artists, English professors to stay-at-home wives and mothers. Now, what I'm about to say isn't mean to discredit the stay-at-home crowd, but I've always found I enjoyed women with careers than those without.

Perhaps it was just conversation, or the fact that I could always break the ice by asking them a question about their job -- assuming I knew what they did. It was an easy way to get them to lower their defenses and talk about something they were knowledgeable about. 

So yes, I will miss spending time with some of my clients. More than anything, however, I'll miss the sex. I know how crass that sounds, how alpha-male. But folks... sex is great. Having it five, six times a week is even better. Of course sex with a client is different than, let's say, sex with Simone. Still, I've never gone without for very long, and that is going to be something that will take getting used to.

But what does it really mean to leave my clients? It means that they'll have to find someone new to confide in. Someone new to have sex with. Someone who will give them a massage, draw them a bath, let them go on and on about their lives. Much as I expect my new life to be a culture shock, I can't help but think that my clients may find themselves equally as adrift.

More than anything, I'll miss my friends. Adam and Bailey are like brothers to me. And Simone, well, I've written enough about her on this blog to illustrate how much she means to me. Tonight, in fact, we're meeting up for dinner. I will return with another entry tomorrow...

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