Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girlfriend, Best Friend

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Bailey has given Simone his stamp of approval.

It's not that I would have ended our "relationship" if Bailey was less than keen on her. However, I do trust his judge of character, as well as the idea that he genuinely wants what's best for me. So, when the three of us met for lunch I certainly hoped that Bailey would take a liking to her.

To quote him exactly: "Julian, she has amazing tits."

Not exactly Bailey's finest moment, but truth be told, Simone's rack is a thing of beauty. Other than that, he said he liked the fact that she was able to hold her own in a debate against him regarding gun control. She didn't back down that yes, the long waiting periods are justified, and that gun shows do in fact contribute to massacres like Columbine.

"I don't agree with her -- especially about that Columbine shit," Bailey added later. "But hey, she had her opinion and backed it up with facts. Gotta respect that."

Leave it to Bailey to take a contentious topic like gun control, speak with an individual who radically disagrees with him on said topic, and then actually like the person afterward. Thankfully when our meals arrived, the conversation was much lighter -- mainly how amazing the film Avatar was as well as on-going rumors about Kill Bill: Vol. 3.

"Now a samurai sword, that's a weapon to be proud of," Simone said. "They're beautiful, too."

"Remind me to never piss you off," Bailey said. "I've never been stabbed with a sword, but I assume it's a painful way to go."

"Most forms of murder are," I quipped. "Not my cup of tea, either."

"Yeah," Simone said. "You just prefer reading about it and watching it on TV."

"Exactly," I said, then wiped a bit of cocktail sauce from her lip. "You'll be just as much of an addict as I am soon."

Bailey returned to work after lunch. Simone and I, well, we returned to my apartment and had sex. Twice. Once in the living room, another in the bedroom. Perhaps I'll go into greater detail in another post, but the best thing about this particular romp was just being together after the fact.

Yes, going down on her, sucking her tits and having her suck my cock was wonderful. Amazing, in fact. But there always is something "magical" (pardon the term) about lying nude with someone you're both attracted to and respect/admire as a person.

Allow me to openly admit that I didn't necessarily respect every person I've ever slept with. Nor did I particularly want to spend the night with them, or see their face the following morning. Harsh -- but true. I'm sure women feel the same way, perhaps even about me.

Simone, however, she's someone who I both want to have sex with, spend time with, and wake to the next morning. It really doesn't get any better than that.

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