Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Younger Men and Older Women

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Several of my UK readers have been kind enough to tell me about the Iris Robinson affair in greater detail. I've also researched into the politics of Northern Ireland, which has quite a tumultuous history. But as I continue to read up on the news (the latest being that Robinson herself has resigned as MP), I can't help but feel that we're ignoring her young man, Kirk McCambley.

Why would a 19-year-old man (though some still call him a boy) seek to have an affair with a 58-year-old woman? Only Kirk knows for sure. Still, there are plenty of reasons why younger men and older women have it on. Below are just a few ideas of my own.

  • Opportunity.
    Iris was clearly the person in charge of this relationship. She was older, wealthier, had social and political power. Perhaps Kirk thought that by sleeping with her he could be introduced to a better life -- or even just get a chance at it. Older women often like to nurture and/or assist their young lovers in their careers, and it appears that Iris did just that by giving Kirk the money to start his cafe.

  • Sexual Prowess.
    To be frank, older women know what they want -- sexually and otherwise. There's really little guesswork involved. If Iris wanted Kirk to go down on her while he wore her pink, polka-dot knickers, I'm sure she told him upfront. Kirk was equally likely to oblige, as young men often are. Everyone knows how much young chaps like to please. Perhaps Kirk found Iris's honesty refreshing. Seeing how she's a conservative, I'm sure she's a freak.

  • The Thrill
    Having an affair is often exciting -- even more so when the woman a young man is shagging is a public figure. Kirk knew he was doing something wrong and that he was doing it with someone well-known. All of that can make for a very titillating and addictive experience.

Of course, these are just my opinions. Wherever Kirk is, I wish him the best, and I hope he can emerge from this scandal relatively unscathed. As for Iris, well, I say she should donate £50,000 to a gay charity to start making amends.
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