Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Violent Girls

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Simone reads this blog; I know that for certain. My agent, however, does not, nor does she know I have one. At least not that I'm aware of. I suppose if she knows I'm blogging she doesn't really care -- but Simone does.

"I know what our agent was talking about," Simone said. "The event in my past that has her worried."

"Oh? Well, let's hear it, then."

Simone took a breath. "I mean, I'd never do it to you, because you're not that kind of person. And I was angry at the time, and I completely regret my actions--"

"Simone, really, just stay it."

"I kind of broke a beer bottle over my ex-boyfriend's face."

Well, that certainly made for an awkward pause. The way she tells it, Simone caught her ex-boyfriend stealing money from her. Cash, using her credit cards, he even took a few gold rings and pawned them at a seedy joint downtown. When she found out and confronted him about it, he denied it.

"That's what really set me off," she added. "The fact that I had all the evidence, practically caught him red-handed, and he still denied it."

"Some people will lie until they're blue in the face," I said. "But go on..."

"I told him to get out of my apartment and not come back. I was going to call my super, have him barred from the building. I'd mail him his stuff. And of course I was going to call the cops and my credit card companies."

"So I'm guessing he freaked out over that?"

"Pretty much," Simone said. "It was the last time I dated a fucking musician, I'll tell you that. As for the beer bottle, well, it just sort of happened. When he wouldn't leave, I picked it up and started waving it at him."

"And he didn't back down."

She shook her head. "He came rushing towards me and I kind of just swung my arm. I caught him right across the face and the glass shattered. He had a few shards in his cheek, and obviously there was a bit of bleeding."

In sum, Simone called an ambulance and let the EMTs take him to the hospital. She got the charges canceled on her credit cards, and her boyfriend was slapped with several charges ranging from fraud to identity theft. And, after a few thousand dollars' worth of cosmetic surgery, his face was fixed.

"Where did he get the money?" I asked.

"Probably his enablers."


"Parents," Simone said. "So, there you have it. My big, dark secret."

"Well, I certainly know to never commit credit card fraud with your name."

"Damn straight."

Horrible as this situation sounds, I still can't help but be intrigued by Simone. This little petite girl, so smart and apparently with a lot of fight with her, working as an escort just like me. And while I appreciate all the compliments about my intelligence and all that, trust me: Simone's the smarter one between us.

"So, are you excited for this Friday night?" she asked. "Sounds like a lot of fun."

I nodded in agreement. "Sex, money, good co-workers. What more can I ask for?"
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