Monday, January 18, 2010

Spanking Fetish

Monday, January 18, 2010
So, who in their right mind likes being spanked?

Well, me for one. As well as other people around the world. To be more specific about my own tastes though, I suppose it's all rooted in being able to safely experience an otherwise physically "threatening" situation.

Err, allow me to elaborate. Yes, spanking involves pain somewhat. Still, it's not a particularly bad kind of pain. As I've said before, there are different types of pain -- at least in my opinion. The "good" kind of pain is a warm tingling. The "bad" kind of pain involves a deep throbbing.

By submitting myself to a female and having her tan my hide, I can experience a submissive role without any real risk.

So, let's talk about specific situations.

When Rebecca and I were still together, she and I would engage in light S&M quite frequently. It would start off typical enough, with kissing, groping, etc. Soon, however, things got a bit more... interesting.

"Go over to the couch," Rebecca said. "And drop your pants and boxers."

I did as she asked, then bent over. I'd usually take my socks off too, as to avoid wiggling and slipping as Rebecca worked me over. After a moment or two, I would feel the cool leather snake against the flesh of my bare ass, right before the first strike would come down.

It was a shock at first -- the hot stinging across my bare buttocks. Even more shocking was the second, third and fourth blows. I could feel my ass growing hotter and redder with each blow. The sound of the belt cracking against my ass was like something out of Blue Velvet or Story of O.

"Count out loud," Rebecca said, in a voice that was sterner than usual. "Understand?"

"Yes," I said. Another crack of the belt caused a crack in my voice. "Five... Six... Seven..."

We'd usually stop at ten or twelve blows. Without fail, I'd be hard as a rock by the time we were finished, nearly to the point of climax. Once finished, Rebecca and I would head into the bedroom and finish the deal.

So, there it is folks. If anyone else is into these activities, feel free to comment or e-mail me. I'm always interested in other people's experiences.
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