Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iris Robinson Affairs

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Seeing how I have quite a few readers in the UK, I've begun to read some of their newspapers. Not the print additions, of course, but the Times London, Daily Mail and the Independent all have websites. It's interesting to see how other countries are coping with the aftermath of the Economic Crisis -- as well as other, more interesting matters.

For my readers in the USA and Canada, here's a brief overview of the scandal that's rocked Northern Ireland in recent weeks: Iris Robinson, an MP (Member of Parliament) in Westminster, had an affair with a young man named Kirk McCambley. It appeared the affair began when Robinson was 58 and McCambley was 19.

Robinson, who stated that she finds homosexuality to be an "abomination" and that gays should seek salvation through Jesus Christ, has apologized for her actions and realizes she says people are paying for her mistakes. Understandably, gay rights groups in the UK are having a field day with the sheer level of hypocrisy Robinson has shown, as she's a noted social conservative.

However, the scandal doesn't end there. Robinson also provided McCambley with £50,000 (about $80,000 US) in order to start his own restaurant. This was confirmed by Robinson's former political advisor Selwyn Black, who resigned from his position before going public with this information.

Robinson's husband, Peter Robinson, has temporarily stepped down from his position as first minster for six weeks to deal with the aftermath of the scandal. Not only did his wife have an affair, but it seems the accusations of money laundering could prove disastrous for his own career.

I've been keeping track of this ordeal as best I can. It's failed to make much of a splash here in the American media, though the New York Times did run a feature on Peter Robinson's leave of absence. Of course, the question on everyone's mind thus far has been, "Why did she do it?"

I'm not a psychologist, nor am I an Irish MP. However, as someone who has sex for a living -- often with married women -- I think I can provide insight as to why some women seek to have affairs. For starters, (and I realize this might sound overly simplistic), it's obvious that Iris was lacking something in her own romantic life. Women (and men) have affairs for a reason.

Was it purely sexual? I doubt it. It's likely to be a combination of things -- namely the stress of having a household with two political careers. Clearly, Iris wanted something more than what Peter was giving her. Attention, perhaps, as well as sex. It appears Kirk McCambley was able to provide both, at least for a period of time.

As for the age difference, I suspect that it gave Iris what she valued most: power and influence. It's not as if Kirk was wearing the pants in the relationship. Iris had more sexual experience, financial means, as well as opportunity. For awhile, the affair seemed to be going well. Kirk started his restaurant, and Iris got what she needed, sexually and otherwise.

Now that the affair's been exposed, I suspect Iris is going to be the one to pay for it in the court of public opinion. Sure, Kirk was in the wrong for sleeping with a married woman, and the public has certainly been sympathetic to Peter. But Iris... well, there's nothing that people hate more than a hypocrite.

She's fully entitled to her opinion that gays are immortal -- that gay sex is disgusting and that they all need church counsel for their "sins". But is she also entitled to cheat on her husband and maintain the air of a social and religious conservative at the same time?

Hell no.

The fact that she attempted suicide also goes to show that she isn't as religious as she might like people to think she is. I'm no theologian, but suicide is a bit of a no-no in the Catholic faith, is it not? Again, politicians must adhere to the often rigid standards they have when it comes to social values. Iris Robinson, like so many of her peers, has failed to do so.

So, is there a moral to this story? Well, as I've said before, affairs are often a dangerous thing to have. Escorts provide sex and companionship discreetly -- and if the client desires, on a regular basis. For the money she got Kirk McCambley to start his restaurant, she could have afforded DOZENS of two-hour bookings.

Oh, and don't be a hypocritical, homophobic, bible-thumping bitch.

Check out a three-part BBC News story on the affair:

PS -- Mr. Robinson, if you're reading this blog post, FILE FOR DIVORCE. Take it from someone with some background in Public Affairs: Your ex-wife is nothing but a liability.
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