Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food and Sexuality

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Sure, a lot has been said about cherries and chocolate and even oysters and clams. And while all of those things are fine and dandy, they pale in comparison to baked goods -- at least in my opinion.

There were a few unusual things about last night's booking. For one, she told me agent that I could dress "casually", meaning I didn't need to wear a dress shirt, slacks and and a tie. Showing up like that would just make her feel nervous, she'd said. Fine by me -- I settled on a long-sleeved knit top and my favorite pair of jeans.

From the moment I arrived at the client's front door I could tell she was baking. The smell filtered through the hallway of her condominium and made the whole floor smell heavenly. When she opened the door I noticed that she was in fact not baking, at least not at that moment.

"Come in," she said. "I just got done working -- big event tomorrow."

"Are you a caterer?" I asked. "It sure smells great."

"Thanks. Yes, I have my own business, which thankfully is starting to pick up. Last time this year, though... I almost threw in the towel."

We settled on the sofa and, to my surprise, the client had actually prepared a small strawberry shortcake just for us. It was chilled and the icing and whipped cream was just right -- not to heavy, not too sweet. Against my better judgment I had one piece and then finished off hers, and downed a glass of milk in the process.

"The way to a man's heart..." she said.

"Yeah, yeah. That secret's been out of the bag for years now."

"Actually, I was going to say was through his cock, but you know..."

I smirked. I closed the distance between us and kissed her on the mouth, tasting strawberries and whipped cream in the process. Combining that with the natural taste of a woman's mouth, and well, I didn't want that kiss to end. But end it did, and for something much, much better.

We moved into the bedroom. She lifted my shirt over my head, then pushed me onto the bed. After straddling me, she unbuttoned my jeans and hooked her thumbs into the waist band, and then took them down as well.

"Wait here," she said, as if I might actually leave. "I'll be right back." A two-minute absence followed, and when she returned she was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and had a slew of condiments in her hands. Condiments and more cake.

What followed was almost too strange for words. Yes, we had sex, but she would interrupt the process for more food play. And I know what you're thinking, she must have been a real fat ass, right? No! The girl was tiny. What she did with all those calories is the biggest mystery of all.

"You ready?" she asked. "You look a bit..."

"Let's go. Time to get what you paid for."

She put a piece of cake in her mouth and let me bite the other end of it. I tasted chocolate, whipped cream and woman all at once -- a taste I could definitely get used to. But before I could make a move of my own, she yanked my underwear off and poured chocolate sauce over my abdomen and my erect cock.

Her mouth gripped onto me fast and fierce, sucking me harder than any woman ever has before. I cried out, gripped the bedsheets, spewing a slew of profanities. She finally released me and, grabbing the chocolate sauce, decided to take some initiative.

I drizzled the sauce around the edges of her pussy and teased her before finally eating her out. Her cunt was wet and warm -- just the way I like it. Again, the taste of her combined with the chocolate sauce into something I've never experienced before.

The experience was almost too much; I was worried I would ejaculate prematurely and ruin the fun. So, gripped her by the ass, I lifted her onto her back and took out the condom. Once protected, I plunged into her in one thrust and listened to her scream "FUCK!" at the top of her lungs.

I lay on top of her, pumping and thrusting harder than usual, pausing only when her fingernails dug onto my back and ass. I bent my head down and kissed her once more, letting that heady combination of chocolate and whipped cream and woman fill my mouth all over again.

I came in the midst of the kiss, and after another five minutes or so, she did too. I slid out of her and fell onto my back, mouth covered with crumbs, my chest and abdomen caked with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The both of us looked like a disaster -- but Christ, that was by far the craziest fuck I've ever had.

I showered and left, then called my agent as soon as I was home.

"Everything all right?" she asked, sounding concerned.

I explained what happened and listened to my agent laugh her ass off. "Well, what do you young guys call an experience like this?"

"Sweet," I said, and laughed. "Yes, this client was definitely sweet."

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