Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slept With My Friend

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Simone and I had sex. That, however, was expected. It's the circumstances that it occurred under is what's really interesting.

If you go into the archives of my blog, one will find an entry called Insomnia. This entry explains how I got involved in escorting -- the Cliff's Notes version being that a friend of mine named Rebecca used me as a sex partner for a man who wanted to watch two people fuck in his bedroom.

Voyeur fantasies aren't that uncommon. I had sex, got paid, and liked it. I've been sleeping with women for cash ever since.

When I learned that Simone and I had a booking together, I knew we were finally going to have sex. No big deal, really. It's not like I'm a virgin (ha!) and Simone is certainly a good catch. What I wasn't expecting -- not in a million years -- was that the client we would be having sex in front of...

That's right, it's the same man Rebecca and I met with almost two years ago.

Seeing him again was a shock. To quote Dr. Magnanti herself, a "perfect storm of emotions" began to brew inside of me. Nostalgia; hesitation; fear; excitement. Simone herself was taken aback over my reaction. According to her, my face flushed red and I was even beginning to stutter -- not like me at all.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "I know this guy. Don't worry; he's cool. It's just... I'll explain later, all right?"

"All right."

As for the client himself, well, his tastes haven't changed much. He led us into the bedroom and then gave us instructions. Before long, Simone was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and I was down to my boxers. The client sat in his leather chair, still satisfied by merely watching.

"Okay," the client said. "Now, take her panties of and eat her pussy."

He's nothing but honest. I did as he asked. Once Simone's panties were around her ankles, I moved between her legs and parted her lips with my fingers. She was wet, which I suppose was a good sign. And after a few strokes of the tongue, she only grew wetter.

I stroked my hands along her thighs as I continued. And when she bucked her hips against my mouth, I reached under her legs, seized her ass and brought her closer, truly relishing the taste. And when I puckered my lips around her clitoris -- using just the faintest brush of my teeth -- I was rewarded with the first moan.

When I was finished, Simone attacked me with a vengeance. The first thing she did was kiss me on the mouth, her tongue reaching halfway down my throat in the process. I could only imagine how she felt, tasting my own mouth with her own flavor. Before I could react any further, she flipped me over onto my back, kissed down my chest before closing her teeth around my right nipple.

I cried out. It hurt, but in a good way.

Soon my underwear was off quicker than a freshman girl at her first frat party. Her mouth was warm and wet and gripped so tightly around my cock I thought I'd might ejaculate. She sucked in long, torturing strokes, her tongue moving up the shaft before swirling around the head. She broke off only to use her hand, and then moved her mouth around my testicles.

She wasn't done yet. I firmly believe she was testing me last night -- seeing how much I could take without spilling. After sucking my cock and my testicles, she then proceeded to skim her breasts against my own bare chest (something she knows drives my crazy) before collapsing them around my cock.

The friction was maddening. Still, I held on. Thank God.

Any whore worth the money he/she is being paid will bring all the necessary materials to a booking. For Simone and I, that was condoms and lubricant. As for the client, well, he finally give his final wish.

"Fuck her," he said. "Anal."

I slipped on a condom and then reached for the lube. After unscrewing the cap, I poured a generous amount on my right index finger and then situated myself behind Simone. I worked my way in, gentle, until I finally penetrated her and we worked our way to a good, satisfying fuck.

I came first -- not unusual -- followed by Simone. We fell onto the bed, sweating and panting but still high from the euphoria that sex provides. So, aside from having sex with Simone, what was the highlight of the evening? Why, getting paid of course, but that was a bit different this time.

My agent, in a move of brilliance, decided to charge the client Simone's rate times two. This means that I was able to pocket what one of the girl's makes in a booking, which is higher than my normal rate.

I got laid, got paid, and got paid damn well. What's not to love about this job?

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