Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Art of Cuddling

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Most women like to cuddle.

It sounds trite, I know. Perhaps even stereotypical. However, if there's anything being a male escort has taught me, it's that simply holding a client after the fact is nearly as important as the act of sex itself.

Of course not all women are like this. Some are happy to have me fuck them, give them an orgasm and then vacate the premises. Still, others desires something more personal, more intimate. I don't particularly mind, as long as I'm able to leave when I'm supposed to.

Much as I love my clients, business is business. If she paid for an hour, she gets an hour. I break this rule on occasion, but have really tried to cut back -- and not just because my agent says that Miami already has plenty of men willing to give it away for free.

The whole "cuddling" thing has been exacerbated in recent weeks due to the cold weather. Miami has plenty of transplants from the Northeastern United States, especially from cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York City. They appeared to have weathered the chill better than native-born Floridians. I still laugh whenever I see someone in gloves and a scarf when the temperature dips to 60F.

Today also brought an email from the agent in Los Angeles -- the one I had lunch with in New York City over the Christmas holidays. She wished me a Happy New Year, and almost cryptically said she was "keeping me in her thoughts." Once again, it seems I've had better luck in the field of sex work than what I studied at university.

In general, 2009 was a decent year. It's what 2010 brings that really has me interested.
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