Monday, January 11, 2010

Massage Therapy

Monday, January 11, 2010
With temperatures here in Miami still far below normal, it's not surprising I gave a massage last night at work.

The idea of a sex worker providing a massage for a client usually conjures up images of trafficked women in seedy massage parlors. The client is male and almost always fat, and either lies on the table motionless or barks demands. At the end of the massage, the poor woman inevitably has to give him a hand job -- also known as a "happy ending."

My massages are just that -- massages. I have no formal training, just experience with past girlfriends. That's not to say the experience is totally chaste, either. If possible, I like to turn up the heat in the apartment, and have the client take her clothes off before lying down. These requests are almost always obliged.

From there, I'll pour massage oil onto her nude body, work it into the skin, and ask her if there's any areas she needs me to focus on. The neck and shoulders are popular -- not that my hands stay there. While I don't provide the "happy ending" my female peers do (I suppose the female equivalent to a hand job would be fingering her, and most women aren't too keen on that), I do try to provide a sensual experience.

"Sensual" can mean a lot of things. For some, it means me letting my hands wander all over her body -- from her buttocks and thighs to her breasts and abdomen. Still, the massage itself is NEVER to turn into me groping her like some drunken idiot at a bar. I'm being paid, folks. That means she has to get pleasure from my services.

For others it just means talking to her, letting her tell me about her sexual fantasies and/or past experiences, all the while moving my hands over her body. Most of my clients have candles somewhere in their homes, and so I usually light those, too. Turn on a little music and dim the lights and we're really talking.

As for myself, I'm usually nude or in my boxer briefs. It all depends on what she wants, honestly. Boxer briefs seem to be the more popular choice, but sometimes my clients ask for me to get naked as well, if for no other reason that they feel strange being the only one exposed.

So after massaging a nude women while being nude or nearly nude myself, sex is a natural way to end things. Funny thing is, it never lasts that long. Perhaps both the client and myself get so worked up over the massage that we both climax rather quickly. All that sensory stimulation can really get the blood and endorphins flowing, you know?

While I've stated many times how much I enjoy my job, there's nothing better than giving a rubdown to a beautiful naked woman. True, it's more work for me, but I don't mind. Oddly enough, it gives me a real sense of accomplishment.
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