Friday, January 8, 2010


Friday, January 8, 2010
By now you're probably wondering what the status is with Simone.

When I first started writing this blog, two out of my three closest friends -- Adam and Rebecca -- were escorts. Now that Rebecca is gone, I'm left with Adam and Bailey, and dare I say Simone is beginning to take Rebecca's place.

When Simone and I first met, the only side of me she really saw was Julian. The real me, well, that was much more elusive. As open and honest as I am on this blog, I'm afraid I'm a bit more guarded in-person. Understand that some people would be horrified and/or insulted to learn of what I do for a living. I can't risk letting people get too close, because all it would take is one call to the police to land me in jail.

The fact that Simone is an escort herself makes things easier. I let my guard down little by little, until she really got to see who I really am outside work. She knows about my time at university, about Catherine and Rebecca, even about my writing. Oh, and I introduced her to the brilliance that is British television. She particularly enjoyed Coupling, Hotel Babylon, Footballers' Wives and Mistresses.

(And kudos to a blog reader from Massachusetts who suggested MI-5. Very compelling indeed.)

I too am intrigued by her. She's far more well-traveled than I am, having visited everywhere from London to Tokyo. She spoke fondly of Montreal, a city I'm still itching to visit. Like Rebecca, I can envision Simone and I catching a plane up north and wandering Montreal together. Perhaps this spring, we'll do just that.

But let's cut to the chase: Have she and I had sex? Surprisingly, that answer is no.

Not to say that there isn't any tension. We're both young, available, and reasonably attractive. Ordinarily this would be the perfect recipe for a 3 a.m. fuck after a night of boozing. Why that isn't the case I'm not quite sure -- but I do have an idea.

Both Simone and I know that our careers depend on our being able to have sex indiscriminately with complete strangers. Therefore, romantic relationships of any kind endanger our ability to earn money. We like spending time with each other, certainly, but there still exists a barrier between us. One that I believe we both put up in order to prevent things from progressing too quickly.

So for all of those who think that I'm just a sex-addicted heathen whose career requires no sacrifice, think again. Yes, I have sex several times a week with several different women. But a steady relationship with a partner I picked on my own? Not so much.

Not that I'm complaining, really. How many other twenty-somethings are in monogamous relationships? And unlike them, at least I get paid for my work -- and alway use protection.

Now, however, it's time for dinner. After that, I need to brush, floss, shower, shave and dress for work. My hair will be slightly gelled, my nails clipped, and just a bit of cologne and aftershave for that olfactory effect. You know the old saying, The Devil's in the Details?

It's absolutely true. And this Devil is looking to have fun and get paid.
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