Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Back from my vacation. Vancouver is a beautiful, beautiful city. Totally different from Miami in respect to its Asian influences, more reliable public transportation and general laid-back feel. The scenery is dramatic and inspiring, and just going for a walk by Stanley Park was enough to make me contemplate moving.

Kitsilano Beach was a nice destination as well -- a far cry from the pastel-colored playground of South Beach. While I'm something of a snob when it comes to beaches, sometimes I do like to go to places that aren't so focused on glamour. Sure, St. Tropez, France at Marbella, Spain have their charm, but what about a place where you can just relax and not worry if you look as hot as the other patrons?

The big highlight of the trip, however was that Rebecca and I had sex. It came after a night at a strip club named Brandi's, located in downtown Vancouver. Rebecca is a fan of such establishments, which isn't surprising, given her job. After paying for quite a few dances and even more drinks, she and I returned to our hotel in Yale Town and ended up in bed -- her room, not mine.

Having sex with an ex-girlfriend is always awkward, yet also highly familiar, almost comfortable. She and I know each others' bodies well, to the point where we can both pleasure one another far better than any new partner. For instance, she knows I love having her lick my chest, and I know that when I rim her (if you don't know what rimming is, look it up), she goes insane.

For the record, Rebecca is the only girl I have done that with. My tongue just doesn't go anywhere.

I'd like to write some more, but I had a long flight and I'm ready to fall into bed. So until tomorrow, this entry will have to suffice. More details coming soon...

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