Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Vacation

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Well, it's official. I'll be heading to Vancouver this Thursday, staying until next Tuesday. Even with the Canadian dollar doing so well in the currency markets, I'm still excited. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest before (although during middle school, I became fascinated with the area due to watching The Real World: Seattle), but it looks like a beautiful slice of country.

I'm hoping to eat some good Chinese food, check out some of the museums, and because Rebecca is joining me, check out the shops in Yale Town, one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods. While she enjoys clothing, I'm more into music and books. After reading up on the area online, I'm sure we'll be in for a good time.

Rebecca, in all her wisdom, even suggested visiting a strip club. We did this before while dating -- although in Miami, the topless women on South Beach are often better looking than the ones you'd find in a club. Canadian strip clubs -- especially those in Montreal -- are almost legendary. Let's just say the acts can be more explicit than what you'd find in the states, which delights men the world over.

Should Rebecca have too much to drink and end up on the pole herself, she owes me twenty dollars. A silly bet, for sure, but one that I stand to profit from if our past is any indication. And while she's definitely an exhibitionist, I pity the man who tries to get too close. He may very well get a Jimmy Choo heel in his groin.

Until then, I have a two-hour booking with a client tonight. It's times like these I'm grateful for entering the world of sex work, for it's given me a fine living and the ability to travel the continent.
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