Sunday, August 23, 2009

College Grads Can't Find Jobs

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Again, I don't consider myself a victim of anything. My decision to work as a prostitute has nothing to do with past sexual abuse, a drug / alcohol addiction, or any other trauma to be featured on a Lifetime movie.

That being said, am I bitter over not having any better prospects due to the recession and lackluster job market? To be completely honest... no.

However, I definitely understand the mentality. Like many other young people across the country, I went to college in order to get a Bachelor's degree, with hopes of getting a proper job with room for advancement. And then the Credit Crisis happened. After that, frozen credit seemed to paralyze the entire financial system, leading to a dive in consumer spending, which then lead to lay offs and... well, the rest is pretty clear.

Getting a job now is difficult -- very, very difficult. Compared to other young people in their twenties, I think I have it pretty damn good. Sex work is neither time-consuming or intellectually draining. Sure, it can cut into one's personal life, and having to lie to family and friends isn't much fun, either.

So please, no more bleeding-heart e-mails about how I'm some sort of lost soul who is a victim of the economic crisis. The true people are those who lost their jobs and health insurance and half of their retirement savings. As for those who bought uses with interest-only mortgages -- houses they KNEW they couldn't afford -- the hell with them. They shouldn't have been bailed out, because their poor financial situations are their own damn fault.

Lastly, I always had a feeling that my first job out of college would be something out of the ordinary. Quite simply, I've felt like a misfit my whole life -- outside the norm, almost on the fringes of my community, like I never really "belonged", trite as that may sound.

Being a escort is one of the strangest, enlightening, and downright bizarre jobs one can take -- assuming they can get it. Rebecca, Adam and myself are a small fraction of sex workers, both in physical attractiveness, education and earnings. Getting to our level is no small feat, and shouldn't be looked upon as something exploitive or unfortunate.

So there it is. Again, not all escorts are victims. And after this rather somber entry, I promise to have some more lighthearted entries about my clients. That, and perhaps a few more stories from my teen years. Stay tuned.

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