Friday, August 7, 2009


Friday, August 7, 2009
My overnight booking went well, if not a bit boring. Like many of my other bookings, it involved a mix of true escorting -- this time at a social event -- and of course, sex. Interesting how no one ever questions the fact that I'm a good fifteen to twenty years younger than my client. And even if they do, it's never to either (the client and I) of our faces.

When we returned to the apartment, well, it was obvious she expected more than a peck on the cheek. She seemed prepared -- as if she'd used escorts before, judging by the condoms inside the drawer by her bed. I caught a brief look at her husband from a photo in the living room, which confirmed my suspicions that he was much older than she was. Too old, perhaps, to get maintain an erection and satisfy her properly.

More than anything, I always wonder what people think the next day when I'm riding down the elevator -- particularly the staff at the front desk. They saw us come in together, and then they see me leaving the next day. Do they wonder if I'm just a young boy toy? A visiting relative? Or, most likely, a Man About Town?

Like any other luxury building in Miami, the staff is used to seeing and even conversing with high class prostitutes such as myself. I even have a friendly relationship with a few of the concierges throughout Miami and the beaches. Most of the time it's the working girls that try to form friendships with the concierges, who may recommend them to guests or give them a heads up if a client for the evening isn't someone they should be with.

The one negative for the evening? As I was having sex with the client, I couldn't think about anything else but Rebecca. This isn't unusual; it's not as if I find every one of my clients attractive, and if thinking of someone else helps me maintain an erection and give the client an orgasm, so be it. This time, however, my thoughts were almost debilitating, like I wanted to just pull out and drive to Rebecca's apartment.

I don't think the client noticed, judging by the tip she handed me on top of my already handsome fee. As I've mentioned before, overnight bookings are the best because they last a lot of hours and pay very, very well. Some escorts work strictly overnight bookings, eager to keep their schedules open for either college classes or other pursuits. Me, I like a mix of both.

For now, however, I need to haul my ass to the gym. I promise to have a few more sexually-explicit entries up soon. That's what everyone wants to read, isn't it? Sex and money -- it's the American way.
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