Wednesday, August 5, 2009

After the Storm

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Rebecca is upset that I already blogged about our having sex. I don't see the big problem, really. I've certainly blogged about far more intimate things than me giving her a rim job or our little venture into Brandi's Strip Club in downtown Vancouver.

However, out of respect for out friendship, I won't be mentioning any other details. What I will talk about, however, is the fact that our little shag (excuse my British slang, but after watching so much BBC America I'm starting to use it in daily conversation) has thrown my current relationship into a state of uncertainty.

Was I exclusive with the girl I was seeing? Well, considering I'm a whore, I don't think so. But in my (twisted) escort mind, I like to think that having sex on the job and having sex in my "real life" are two separate things. Having sex on the job wasn't cheating -- but sleeping with Rebecca was.

The girl left me a voicemail, asking how my trip went and if I'd be available for a movie on Sunday afternoon. I called her back, gave her some of the more mundane details of my vacation, and said that Sunday afternoon would be great. After hanging up, I felt like a complete and utter fraud. Strange, I know, since if she knew what I did for a living she'd probably call me every name in the book.

So what's a man to do? Unfortunately I don't have much time to think -- I have an all-night booking tomorrow and I need to get working on some errands here in Miami. Not to mention my parents recently asked if I'd be available to visit them up north at the end of the month.

Escorting has never complicated my life. Now my personal relationships... those are much more taxing.
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