Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Break-Up

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Considering I had sex with Rebecca while on vacation in Vancouver, it's not like I could continue the relationship I had before.

It's a shame, really, because the girl I was seeing was great. Smart, successful, full of energy and even quite funny. It was beginning to weigh on me that I had to lie about what I did for a living -- especially when she seemed so interested in my freelance life, finding it to be a liberating alternative to life in the office.

Little did she know that by "freelancing" I meant prostitution.

We broke up face-to-face. I'm not a fan of doing it over the phone, or -- even worse -- via e-mail. She took it well, to the point where I'm wondering if she planned on breaking up with me. I'm not quite sure if we were ever really exclusive, but we did see each other around once a week (if not more), and slept together.

I didn't blog about the sex because I was just so busy trying to juggle her and my clients and my friends and everything else under the sun. Plus, I felt almost guilty about even thinking about blogging about her. She was just so... nice. Too nice, perhaps. So nice that when I had the chance to sleep with a girl who knows how to be mean in a sexually-arousing way, I took it.

Rebecca and I haven't really confronted the elephant in the room, that elephant being I still have some feelings for her. Maybe she has them for me as well -- or maybe not. But seeing how we're both high-class escorts, it's not like we can do much about it. If our agent ever found out we were together, she'd surely let us both go. Nothing personal, but it would definitely affect her bottom line.

And like I've said before, prostitution isn't about sex -- it's about the money.

So there you have it, and update on my increasingly complicated life. More entries will be coming soon, and I'm still mulling over the idea of letting Adam guest blog. Bailey requested it as well, though I had to politely decline. He knows far too much about the "real" me, and I'm not about to have my real identity revealed.
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