Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Provides for the Providers?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I've been in a weird, brooding mood lately. Don't know why, exactly. I'm never one to complain about "drama" and work is going fine, but for some reason...

Is it possible for escorts to suffer from sexual frustration, just like "regular" people? The thought of a prostitute complaining about sex would strike most people as something of an anathema -- that is, how can one complain about sex when it's virtually the bread and butter of the profession?

Well, just because escorts have sex for a living doesn't mean they like it all the time. There are demanding clients, clients with bizarre fetishes, clients who expect us to alleviate years of sexual dysfunction and/or trauma after just one booking. The reasons for hiring an escort are varied, and can include anything from reliving past experiences to try to overcome shyness.

Meanwhile, the escort his/herself can be a completely different animal. What I mean is, he/she may enjoy a completely different type of sex than what she has to provide. Me, for instance, I enjoy a bit of light S&M, but would never imagine putting a client in charge.

BDSM in general is built on trust. If I'm going to allow a woman to dominate me, then I should definitely trust her. This goes for anything, from spanking and bondage to even verbal assaults and blindfolds. It's for that very reason -- trust -- that I don't get to engage in BDSM as much as I like.

Perhaps that's the cause of my (somewhat) foul mood lately. While I don't claim that BDSM is some sort of miracle that can cure everything, to me, the act of being degraded and/or physically struck always released endorphins that made me feel better.

When a woman slaps me, it starts off as a tingle. It may also be hot, even shocking. Then, the pain seems to decline, until all that's left is a blissful after glow. The fact that I normally get hard as a rock within minutes supports my theory that sometimes, physical punishment can be arousing.

The first time Rebecca took a belt to my ass, I practically came on her bed sheets. From there, everything from silk scarves to nipple clamps have been used. She was pretty good about not leaving any marks -- at least nothing that wouldn't fade in a day or two. On the odd occasion that I did have a battle scar, I wore it with pride.

Would a booking with a dominatrix (also known as a "mistress") do me good? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is I miss the feeling of nails on my back and a sharp palm across my face.

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