Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wednesday, February 24, 2010
So, do men like it when women use their teeth?

It's certainly a sensitive subject. Oral sex may very well be most men's favorite sex act -- one that women control and ultimately decide when to give out. Usually, teeth aren't part of the equation. Not unless the man has done something to deserve it, anyway.

Most men fall into one camp: those who thinks the use of teeth during oral sex is completely out of the question. Typical reasons include a fear of pain, discomfort or even permanent damage to the penis. All reasonable objections, I might add. However, there also exists a small subset of men who are willing to at least entertain the idea of teeth when it comes to oral sex.

(For the record, I'm not one of them. I enjoy a bit of pain now and then, but seeing how my cock is directly related to my ability to earn a living, I'm not inclined to "risk it" in any shape or form.)

Other men, however, might welcome the use of teeth -- at least when they're used correctly. Less is more, folks. Gently grazing the teeth along the shaft of the penis can cause pleasure for some men, apparently. Again, the key word here is gently. A penis is not a chew toy. I repeat, a penis is not a chew toy.

For my female readers, allow me to make a somewhat reasonable comparison. Ever have a guy who either grabs your breasts too roughly or sucks on the nipple so hard you feel like grabbing a lamp and hitting him upside the head? Of course you have. Now, imagine he's doing the same thing, only to your genitals. Yeah -- now you want to stab him with the nearest sharp object.

Part of the appeal of oral sex is that it puts a man's most vulnerable and sensitive body part completely in a woman's control. Let's face it: At any point during a blow job, the woman could clamp her jaw shut and ensure that her sex partner never has another erection again. One might characterize this as an element of danger, even.

Seeing how most men at least subconsciously fear castration (really, it's true) they understandably have an aversion to any woman using her pearly whites during oral sex. So, my advice to any couples looking to try this? Please, proceed with caution. And women, never, ever do this without asking your man if it's all right beforehand.

And with that, I am going to sleep. Goodnight.
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