Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sunday, February 7, 2010
A 23-year-old college dropout known only as Markus has become the country's first legal male gigolo. Based out of the Shady Lady Ranch in Nye County, Nevada, Markus aims to service women and make them feel good about themselves in the process.

Still, that's not to say that Markus isn't without his critics.

A disastrous interview in Details magazine had Markus comparing his entering the sex industry to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus. Wisely, the owners of the Shady Lady Ranch have now decided that Markus will not be doing any more press. A wise move indeed. Really. This guy is a dolt.

I know that as a fellow sex worker, I should feel a bit of camaraderie for this guy. Live and let live, right? But I'm afraid that just isn't possible. Markus isn't physically attractive, or even intelligent, and his former career as a two-scene porn star doesn't inspire confidence in his ability as a prostitute.

So, why would Shady Lady Ranch even take him on to begin with? To explain that, there's something you should know about girls (and guys, I suppose) that work at brothels. To quote the fabulous Mistress Matisse: Most of them are either dumb as a rock or crazy as hell. Why, you ask? Well, because any worthwhile sex worker will be either working independently or with an agent.

It's what I do. It's what Brooke Magnanti did. And it's really the best route to go for consumers. Agencies before brothels -- always. So, with that in mind, brothels don't exactly have the best pool of prospective employees. They have to take what they can get, which is often people on Markus's caliber.

My personal predictions for Markus? Well, I think his "career" will last about one year, tops. Bad press in Details and the New York Post isn't doing him any favors, and without management to introduce him to the proper clientele...

Yeah, it doesn't look good.

You see, being a successful male escort is different than being a successful female escort. This is something my agent and I have learned together during our professional relationship, and it's something we're still discovering today. So, what are the differences? That, my friends, is another story.

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