Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glamorization of Prostitution

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
I am not glamorizing prostitution.

This whole topic irks me. Should a sex worker share his/her experiences in the field, suddenly we're somehow "encouraging" young people to become prostitutes themselves. Somehow, this only seems to happen to high-end escorts -- you know, the ones who enter sex work under their own free will and perhaps even view it as a decent way to spend a year or so before moving on.

Look through the archives of this blog. I got into escorting through an ex-girlfriend. I wasn't trafficked. I wasn't coerced. I'm not paying off any drug debt and I'm not an illegal immigrant that was placed in some sort of sex trafficking ring by an unscrupulous westerner.

And yet the accusations continue. Most of the emails and tweets I receive in response to this blog are wonderful. I appreciate each and every one, and have even kept a few emails as a reminder that my writing seems to brighten people's days. Once my career in escorting is over -- whenever that may be -- I'll have the archives of this blog and those emails to remember all of my adventures.

Other emails, however, aren't so keen on my sharing my experiences. Should a young, impressionable teenager read this blog, what then? Will he/she think that skipping university and becoming an escort as soon as they hit legal age will be a good idea? I hate to take the wind out of anyone's sails, but teens are already sexting and fucking and doing God knows what else these days. They're not innocent creatures in need of protection.

Furthermore, I've already taken take on this blog to warn any teen readers of what a life in escorting truly entails. It's not all five-star hotels and breezy sexual encounters. Lying to friends and family, keeping up with clients' demands, and trying to have at least one Saturday night off a month are all challenges in this field.

(Never mind the fact that sex in and of itself is a demanding physical act. And as Adam tells it, satisfying women is much harder than satisfying men. Seeing how he has sexual relations with both genders, I'll take his word for it.)

I realize and sympathize with the fact that a majority of sex workers are indeed streetwalkers that have substance abuse problems. I live in Miami, folks. A quick drive down Biscayne Boulevard or some of the more unsavory parts of South Beach is proof enough of the existence of such degenerates. Even so, that doesn't change the fact that some of us are in this business because we chose to be.

Sharing my experiences at the high end of the business is not glamorizing prostitution -- it's simply giving another side to the story that people are apparently fascinated about. I am not apologizing for the choices I made in life and I will not succumb to viewing myself as a victim, especially when I earn several hundred dollars an hour for having sex with women who, by and large, I enjoy the company of.

All right, rant over. Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone a good day.

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