Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Race and Sexuality

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
I suppose I should begin this entry by saying I'm not completely white.

Notice I say completely, which implies that I'm of a mixed ethnic background. I've already stated that one of my parents is of Eastern European Jewish descent. My other parent, well, they're what can be deemed a "minority" in the United Sates. As to what that minority is, I'm afraid I'll have to keep that private.

It's not that I'm ashamed; I just have to maintain my anonymity as best I can.

Moving on. So, with one "white" parent and another "minority" parent, where does that leave me? Honestly, it's left me in a pretty good position. Olive skin, dark hair, yet with my Jewish parent's light eyes. For over a year now, people have been telling me that I resemble Taylor Lautner of the Twilight series.

My nose is smaller and narrower, and he's a bit darker than I am, but the similarities are there. And though I'm not nearly as muscular, that didn't stop a gaggle of teenage girls from gathering around my towel one afternoon in South Beach, giggling and pointing and trying to figure out if I was their idol.

"I'm not Taylor Lautner!" I cried out. "He's in Vancouver filming the next movie, isn't he?"

That satisfied their curiosity enough to leave me alone.

I'm writing this entry to try and shed light on a not-so-great aspect of the sex industry: namely, that non-white sex workers earn less than their Caucasian counterparts. While this has never really been the case in cities like Miami or even Los Angeles, it still rings true in New York and London -- at least from what I hear.

Such practices, in my opinion, are bullshit. And really, it's up to the agents to start changing this. Charging less for a Hispanic or African-American sex worker only helps perpetuate the (bigoted) idea that minorities are somehow less worthy than white. This isn't 1938, people. Don't we all agree that all ethnic groups should be treated equally -- even in sex work?

For the record, my agent has never sought to keep me rates down because she thought I couldn't charge more. I'm due for a raise, actually. That's right -- within a few months' time, my hourly rate is going up. I've earned it, she said. The fact that she's Hispanic herself probably doesn't hurt either.

So, how do my white clients react to a mixed-race escort?

They fucking love it. The hair, the eyes, the skin tone -- all of it. Perhaps women are less hung up on race than men are. I really don't know. But I've had more than woman ask to run her hands through my hair, or trace her hands along my chest (I still refuse to wax, by the way, and they don't mind that, either).

By the year 2100, all of us will probably be mixed with something or other. Perhaps I'm just ahead of the curve.
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