Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Real Date

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
So, I had a date.

Not an appointment with a client -- a real, honest-to-goodness date. We met at a restaurant and then went to a movie, followed by coffee afterward. It was nice; the girl was a few years older than I am (something I prefer, actually) and was both pretty and intelligent.

She seemed envious of my work, at least from what I told her. Being freelance, she said, sounded liberating. Of course, she doesn't know I have sex for a living, but that kind of revelation isn't really meant for a first date, anyway. Eventually, though I'd have to tell her. For now, she believes I do freelance PR and graphic design.

Not a complete lie, but those projects alone don't pay my bills. Escorting does.

Would I see her again? Certainly. In fact, we have a second date planned for next week. Both of us seem to prefer going out on weeknights. Restaurants / movie theaters are much less crowded, and she also said she finds a date as a nice way to unwind after work. Her profession is a stressful one, but she seems to enjoy it from everything she said.

Like me, she's a total pop culture junkie. We talked about everything from the death of Michael Jackson to Bravo's new "reality" series NYC Prep, to which I'm completely addicted. My date was adamant that she thinks everything is staged, from the hook ups between Sebastian and Taylor, to the shopping excursions and awkward dialogue between Jesse and PC.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're a much better person than I am.)

After coffee, I walked her to her car and kissed her goodnight, which is obviously a pretty chaste ending for me. Oddly enough, the relative prudishness of the night was endearing, at least to a whore like me. The fact that I didn't sleep with her -- and that I was more interested in her as a person than a client -- was a nice change of pace.

Now would my agent be happy to hear of this date? Probably not. I am one of her favorites, something she reminds me of frequently. But for right now, I'm going to see where this things go. Honestly, the only person I'm really worried about is Rebecca. For being an ex-girlfriend, she is awfully possessive.

And once she reads this entry, she'll interrogate me like a cranky CIA agent at Guantanamo Bay. I better get ready for a water-boarding now...

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