Friday, July 3, 2009

Urban Legend

Friday, July 3, 2009
It's about time I share this story.

Like any industry, escorting has its fair share of myths and legends. From the young woman who took a booking only to see the client was her father, to the cheating husband who called an escort and discovered it was his wife/girlfriend.

Well, I once heard a story that would make any gigolo's heart run cold. It involved an ordinary night, and a seemingly ordinary client. It wasn't until this client began to disrobe that the gigolo saw that this "lady" wasn't exactly a real woman -- you know, down there.

So, is there actually a gigolo who found himself with a male-to-female transsexual? So far I've been unable to verify it, but somehow I could see this happening, especially in Miami. Many people who seek the services of a sex-worker do so out of "necessity", meaning they're unable to find suitable sex partners under their own volition.

A male-to-female transsexual who hasn't undergone gender reassignment surgery might find his/herself (what is the proper pronoun?) in that situation. But while the reasoning behind this urban legend seems plausible, I've been unable to verify a few other factors.

One report of this encounter has the gigolo freaking out and leaving. Others, unfortunately, have him beating up the client and once again running like hell. Violence is never the solution unless it's out of self defense, so that last conclusion is quite chilling.

I've discussed this story with Adam, and he told me he'd heard of it in the past as well. Interestingly enough, Adam thinks it's more likely that a client would request a transgendered escort, rather than having the client be in the midst of a gender transition.

Whatever the case, it just goes to show you that escorting is as interesting a field as any. And while I don't hope to have this tale come true (please don't take that as bigotry, but chicks with dicks just aren't my deal, mmkay?) I would be very interested in speaking with the gigolo who experienced it -- assuming such a gentleman exists.
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