Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NYC Prep

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I don't know what it is about this show, but I'm certifiably obsessed.

For those that don't know, NYC Prep is a "reality" show that documents the lives of wealthy Manhattan teens. Though the producers claim the kids are Upper East Side (UES) residents, a little internet homework shows that isn't true. Some kids live on the Upper West Side (UWS) while others live on -- gasp! -- Long Island.

After watching the premiere, I've been hooked each and every week, making sure to be in front of my TV each Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo. From homoerotic adventures in Cancun, Mexico, to this week's episode involving a dinner party gone awry, the "reality" show has made for compelling viewing.

The two characters that strike me as the most interesting are Peter "PC" Peterson, and Camille Hughes. For one, Camille one of few kids that actually goes to a prestigious prep school on the UES. Secondly, she speaks well, appears to have ambition (even if it is limited to getting accepted to Harvard or another Ivy League school), and has the occasional moment of humor.

As for PC... well, the poor boy (and I say poor in the figurative sense, as his grandfather is a self-made billionaire) is a walking cliche. His behavior at a dinner party on the July 14 episode was either the result of medication gone wrong, or a cocaine binge. Perhaps much of his discontent stems from the fact that he seems to be struggling with certain issues -- mainly his repressed homosexuality and/or bisexuality.

Before anyone gets cranky, understand that this was pointed out to be by Adam, who knows a "non-heterosexual" when he sees one. Should PC feel genuinely compelled to stay in the closet due to familial and/or society pressures, then my heart goes out to him. Sexual liberation is a wonderful thing. He should try it some time.

So while there's a lot to be envied about these kids' lives -- namely the fact that they are blessed with family money that most people are not -- it's not all ice cream and cake. While I like Camille so far, the girl has got one wicked case of academic superiority -- meaning in her eyes, anyone who isn't Ivy League-educated is somehow less than admirable.

The fact that she managed to bash two different universities while on her date was amusing, especially when she referred to them as "party schools". If anything, going to a "party school" might do her a world of good. High-achieving high schoolers such as herself are often exhausted after senior year, leading them blow off some much-needed steam when they arrive at their new school for freshman year.

If I could say anything to these kids, it's that there's a world outside the one you grew up in, and to try and invite a little spontaneity in their lives. Being born wealth is a huge blessing, enabling them to take risks and go to places that other people might not. The fact that these kids won't be burdened with the trivial expenses that weigh most people down is nothing short of incredible.

Take some time off school, kids. Go to university where you think you'll be most happy. And for Camille: be aware that high school boys are in fact stupid, and that your not being attracted to them is actually a good thing.

I have no words of advice for PC, but perhaps I'll let Adam guest blog. That could prove to be very interesting...
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