Thursday, July 23, 2009

What it Means to be a Minority

Thursday, July 23, 2009
So, it's no secret that men make up a small number of the sex workers in America. A vast majority are women -- some as young as eighteen, others much older and in dire need of a new career. Being a man in escorting is like being a man in nursing, public relations, elementary education, basically any female-dominated field.

In addition, I feel that I'm also a minority within a minority, as most male sex workers service other men. Not to mention, I'm also much younger than the male escorts that do in fact serve women. While the average range of a straight male escort is lowering, a majority of them are actually in their mid-thirties.

This seems to be a sweet spot for women. Old enough so that he knows what he's doing, young enough to banish the memories of their fifty-something husbands. Around six months ago, I had a client tell me that she expected someone older -- to the point where I was worried she might refuse my services (of course, I would still get half of my fee, as stipulated from my agent).

Though we still had sex that night, the experience made me ponder two things: Just how long I could stay in this career if I wanted to -- seeing how I'm in my twenties -- and when would be the appropriate time to stop.

There's nothing sadder than yesterday's whore. Eventually, my expiration date will surface, and then it will be time for new ventures. Most of the women I've spoken with in this business rarely stay longer than few years. It seems that escorting is a quick way to make good money, until something more fulfilling or "traditional" comes along.

For some, that's a nine-to-five job where one moans about the boss and their lack of pay. For others, it's starting a business that allows them to continue growing their entrepreneurial spirit. And yes, a few of the girls just marry rich men and pretend that their careers in escorting never happened. Dishonest? Certainly. But also quite understandable.

For now, I'm comfortable with my unique position, as well as sharing my experiences anonymously over the web. As for sharing my occupation with others, well, that's a bit more complicated. Hell, not even my parents or some of my good friends know what I do at night. But as I watch the way they look at me, pride in their eyes and happiness in their voices, I know it's for the greater good.
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