Saturday, July 25, 2009

Every Man's Fear

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Bailey recently returned from a family vacation with his parents and new girlfriend. He stopped by my place to catch on and borrow a few DVDs of mine, and had a somewhat alarming tale to share. Well, alarming for him. Whores like me, well, we're not so easy to surprise.

"I need to ask you something," he said, in a soft, almost nervous tone. "Have you ever... I mean, have you ever let a girl...?"

I honestly had no idea what he was getting at. I let him continue stuttering over his words before I started throwing things out there. What was he so fazed over? Did the new girl want to try some BDSM? Piss on him? Meet her own dysfunctional family?

"She wanted to use a vibrator -- on me."

Oh, dear. Anal penetration is a -- pardon the pun -- sensitive issue for many guys. Plenty don't even enjoy anal, given its (at times) messy nature and need for plenty of lubricant and patience. But to be penetrated themselves... that's an area many a man will not venture into.

"Can't say that I've ever been penetrated," I said. Once again, I spoke of Rebecca, of how she once used a vibrator to massage my balls. It was a tickling, arousing experience, one that I wouldn't mind repeating. Bailey, I take it, was a bit more hesitant about the entire ordeal.

"I told her no way," he continued. "She seemed disappointed, and we didn't have sex after that. Just rolled over and went to sleep."

"And this is the same girl who wanted to see us make out, correct?"

Bailey nodded. "Is it normal for women to have these guy-guy fantasies?"

"Some of them do. Seems it's rooted in the idea to see a man relinquish control. That, or experience something that puts them in the hot seat for a change."

After Bailey left, I spoke on the phone with Adam, rehashing the tale as he laughed out loud. It seemed all sympathy was lost on him, as the idea of a straight guy taking it in the ass was something he approved of. After calling him a perverted sodomite (something he seemed quite proud of), I told him I needed to get going.

"Work?" he said.

"You got it. Whoever would have thought that my life in escorting would be tamer than Bailey's adventures in dating."
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