Monday, July 20, 2009

Freudian Questions

Monday, July 20, 2009
As mentioned on Twitter, I've been receiving some interesting e-mails lately. Some have just been "read the blog, it's cool" to slightly more graphic correspondences. Just as an aside, potential clients go through my agent, not this blog, Twitter, or my e-mail address. Simply put, I'm not about to accept a request for sex online, therefore revealing my identity.

Escorting thrives on anonymity. Never forget that.

Moving on. One of the e-mails had to have been written by a college student studying psychology. In this e-mail, the young woman asked me if I felt my career in escorting was somehow related back to Catherine. Meaning, did my failed relationship with her somehow provoke me into having sex for a living -- often with older women, many of whom are married.

Um, not quite. Catherine was / is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But to say that our relationship and subsequent breakup is responsible for my career choice is stretching it. If anything, one can point to Rebecca as the primary influence, as it was her offer to have sex in front of that doctor in Coral Gables that introduced me to sex work directly. Before that, being paid for sex was rather abstract -- something I knew in theory rather than by practice.

That being said, if anyone is "responsible" for me choosing to be an escort, it's me. I was the one who enjoyed the money. I was the one who met with Rebecca's agent and accepted her offer for representation. And presently, I am the one who has no real interest in looking for another job. One day, maybe, but not now.

So there it is. Rather opportunistic, perhaps even cold or detached, but that's really how I feel. This past weekend (when I had the rare Saturday night off) reminded me that I much prefer not being one of the masses. If only these people knew how pleasant it is to go out during weeknights.

Keep the questions, coming though. E-mail address is

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