Saturday, December 19, 2009

Writers Block

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Really not quite sure what I should write about today. The weather is heavenly -- about 70 F, or for my international readers, 21 C. After weeks of balmy, tropical conditions, it's refreshing to have the windows in my apartment open to the cool breeze.

Hmm... well, I'll suppose my readers will want to know about what happened with Simone and I. In all honesty, nothing. We finished watching the movies I had, talked for a bit, listened to some music, then both turned in -- she on the sofa, me in my bedroom. Oddly enough, she was gone by the time I woke up.

Thanks for letting me stay. Have a good holiday.
xx Simone

That was the note that awaited me on the kitchen counter when I got about early this afternoon. In all honesty, it took me by surprise. I don't know what I really "expected" for us to do this afternoon (lunch? Christmas shopping?) but I would have liked to see her before she left.

In any event, I have work tomorrow night as well as Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, I'll be catching an early-morning flight up north to be with my parents for the holiday. I'll be coming back to Miami shortly after Christmas, and my parents are entertaining the idea of visiting me sometime in January.

I know I mentioned that I had another job interview, but that's not occurring until January, either. Yes, it's in my field of study from university, and yes it does sound like a nice opportunity. But am I getting my hopes up? Definitely not.

It's funny to hear people deride sex work when, in reality, my agent and clients have treated me better than any recruitment executive or HR manager. Maybe that's because to my agent and clients, I'm valuable. Sex work is an industry meant for very few people. And when you deal with the high-end, well, the pool of candidates is that much smaller.

I had a reader ask me via e-mail why I would want to give up my job, considering starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder would mean a significant pay cut. This reader is correct, of course. But much as I would like to get in my field from university eventually, that doesn't mean I would leave sex work entirely.

Even one client a week would give me a nice cushion, financially speaking. Of course my agent here in Miami would be sad to see me leave the city, but would she make a few calls to New York, Chicago, etc. to see if I could get hooked up with another madam? Certainly.

That, my dear readers, would make this blog even more interesting. Imagine the possibilities: An entry-level business executive by day, and an escort at night. If that isn't an HBO series waiting to happen I don't know what is!

Take care, everyone. And please keep reading, keep telling your friends about the blog, and continue to add me on Twitter. And if you're really feeling adventerous, by all means, E-MAIL ME YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS.

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