Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Astrology and Sex

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
For those who don't follow astrology, feel free to ignore this entry.

I, like many people, had a passing interest in the field of Astrology in my mid-teens. Seeing how I was a rather unusual adolescent with a whole variety of strange interests, astrology seemed like a natural fit. What better way to discover what kind of person I was (and possibly will be) than to consult a system that seemingly had it all figured out?

Right. Well, I knew my sun sign was Cancer, but other than that I was in the dark. After venturing to my local Barnes & Noble and getting all the books I could, I sat down at the cafe, ordered a hot chocolate, and began reseraching what else there was to know.

As I quickly discovered, the sun sign is only the beginning. Equally as interesting is my ascendant (aka rising sign) which is Libra. Apparently this is how I present myself to the outside world -- charming, diplomatic, with a refined yet modern fashion sense. So far, so good.

When it came to the moon, I really became engaged. Seems my moon is in the sign of Aries, giving me a fiery temper and the ability to make decisions quickly -- even hastily. I'm quick to anger but easy to appease, and from what I read, a Moon in Aries can turn a traditionally retiring sign like Cancer into something much more interesting.

But onto the sex. It wasn't long before I discovered one astrology book in particular, one that focused on sex and psychology. Cleverly titled Sextrology, it's written by a duo named Starsky and Cox. Here is a link to their website: Starsky + Cox.

When I opened up the book to my section -- the Cancer Man -- I was floored. Starsky and Cox had me down to a science. From the way I present myself (kind, polite, chivalrous) to the kinky sex fantasies that lurk beneath that. Needless to say I bought the book and have been keeping up with astrology ever since.

There is one flaw in astrology, though -- mainly when it comes to reconciling my sun sign with my career as an escort. See, Cancers are typically traditional and very, very emotional, which would make a career in sex work nearly impossible. Somehow I've managed to do it, I suppose there's room for error.

So for all those who are interested in learning more about themselves -- both sexually and psychologically -- I can't recommend Starsky and Cox or their book Sextrology more. And should business continue on as well as it has (is this damn recession over yet or what?!) I very well may make an appointment with the duo myself!

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