Saturday, December 12, 2009

Escorts vs. Clients

Saturday, December 12, 2009
So, the foursome is happening tonight. I promise to have as detailed a synopsis up as soon as I can. Depending on how things go, I suppose I can split the night up into two separate entries -- we'll see.

I'm nearly as curious about working with Simone than the actual sex itself. But isn't it always interesting to meet new people at work?

Moving on. It's come to my attention lately that people are really interested in what I have to say as a sex worker. Some of this is due to the fact that I'm a man in a predominantly female business. Sure, one can easily see male prostitute. Just take a flight to Los Angeles and catch a cab to Santa Monica Boulevard.

Ah, but those are streetwalkers -- not the kind of high-end escorts that seem to have captured the public's imagination. In stark contrast to those poor unfortunate souls, I'm neither disease-ridden, drug-addicted or desperate for escape.

I do my best to answer people's e-mails as fully and articulately as possible. But what do I find most interesting about my field? Well, the clients, of course. Seriously -- I never understand why people aren't more interested in those who seek out sex workers to begin with.

When I first started having sex for money, I had no idea would be on the other end of the front door. To my surprise, they ended up being quite normal -- housewives that married for money but were tired of being ignored, divorcees that were eager for something new, and the occasional single girl who got tired of navigating Miami's trite dating scene.

The men are even more interesting -- at least that's what Rebecca, Simone and even Dr. Brooke Magnanti herself seem to indicate. Whether they're lawyers of business executives, teachers or policemen, there never seems to be any absence of variety in terms of clients.

They're all looking for sex -- and willing to pay for it, too. And in spite of what Hollywood would like the public to believe, not all of them are fat, over-the-hill layabouts that can't get a decent woman on their own. On the contrary -- some of them are quite able to traditionally date, but some of them just don't wish to.

Sex on demand, at a price. As harsh as that sounds, for many it's downright practical. Speaking on my own behalf, seeing how pays for sex is the most interesting part of my job. What they "want" in terms of sexual intercourse/activity is fascinating as well, but it pales in comparison to seeing who's behind the front door.

So that's my two cents, folks. As interested as you are in me, I'm probably even more interested in you!

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