Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting Started

Saturday, December 26, 2009
For all those interested in how some people get started in the business, follow this link: Escort Emergency Start-Up Kit.

The author of this post -- herself an author and sex worker -- has some great anecdotes for what many people do when they get started. It appears this article is for those who wish to enter escorting without the help of an agent/agency, which is something I didn't do.

Confident as I may be, I still wanted the guidance and security of an agent. Now that she and I get along so well, I really couldn't imagine going without her, unless of course I were to leave Miami.

I'll be returning to Florida on December 29, and I actually have a booking the following day. I apologize if my entries have been a bit boring this week, but I promise to spice things up once the holidays are finally over with. Rest assured, this blog is going to continue.

Until then, adios mis amigos!

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