Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three's Company, Four's a Crowd?

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Right. Just got in from work a few minutes ago. Now, about that foursome...

Simone and I arrived to the clients' home separately. As for Simone herself, well, she looked stunning in a strapless black dress, open-toe high heel shoes and quite possibly the most bewitching perfume I have ever smelled in my life.

"You look beautiful," I told her.

She smirked, then added: "You don't look too bad yourself. You clean up nicely."

"Does that mean I looked less-than-stellar when we first met?"

"Not bad," she said. "Just a little... average."

Hmm -- a compliment combined with a bit of an insult. I was liking her more already.

When the front door opened, Simone and I found that our clients really did look average. Not that they were homely by any means, but compared to us, they were quite under-dressed. They apologized, saying they felt like fools and that they should have known that by hiring two upscale escorts, they should have known that the attire might be a bit more formal.

"Don't worry," Simone said. "It's not like the clothes ever stay on long, anyway."

And so the chit-chat continued as it usually does -- a little wine, even some cheese. These clients were perhaps even more high-end than Simone and I, wardrobe shortcomings notwithstanding.

But onto the sex...

The bedroom was decorated with flickering candles and an even bigger blaze in the gas fireplace. The king-sized bed looked inviting, situated in the center of the room with plenty of pillows to go around.

Simone and I took the lead first, letting the husband and wife watch us as if an upscale porno had just invaded their bedroom. I took Simone's face into my hands and kissed her -- first on the mouth, then on her cheeks, forehead, and neck. I could feel her fumbling with my belt buckle before she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

"Great color on you, by the way," she whispered. "So, how do you want to go about this?"

"Let's give 'em a show for awhile, then let them join in," I replied, and promptly lowered her dress and began kissing her breasts. They were the real McCoy, by the way. And it wasn't long before I slipped my hands beneath her dress, squeezed her ass and then slipped her thong underwear right off.

Simone then caught me off-guard by shoving me onto my back, and yanking both my pants and boxers down. Now completely nude, my erection present for the entire room to see, Simone smiled back at the couple, and invited them to join us.

The wife came over first. Her and Simone double-teamed me: Simone jerking me off, the wife pressing her mouth against my own in an angry, demanding kiss. When I felt Simone's hand let go of my cock, I opened my eyes to see that the husband had taken Simone for his own.

I can't say who exactly penetrated who first, but I can say this: I only had intercourse with the wife. At no time did my penis enter Simone's vagina, which is something I'm kind of disappointed about. It's not that I expect to have a good time during work -- not to say that I don't -- but I couldn't just abandon the wife, peel the husband off of Simone and take her for myself.

Before long we were all in the bed, lying on our backs in a state of sweat, panting exhaustion. The husband had already fallen asleep, something his wife said is fairly common. Slightly embarrassed, she said that Simone and I could use the guest bathrooms if we wanted to shower up before leaving.

And that's when things got interesting.

After slipping on my underwear (even though I'm an escort, even I feel strange about walking around naked in a stranger's house), I got a glass of water from the kitchen. When I returned to the guest bathroom, I didn't see that Simone had already claimed it for her own.

"Sorry," I said. "I'll just go in the other..."

"No use wasting water," she said. "Come on, get in."

"Are you... serious?"

"Julian, you've sucked my tits and I've given you a hand job. Are you saying you're going to get bashful over a shower?"

She did have a point. Slipping off my underwear, I entered the steamy chamber and lathered up with soap. Of course I took a moment to admire Simone's nude body, and from what I could tell she took her time looking at my chest, cock and ass, too.

I was done washing up pretty quickly. Simone, on the other hand, seemed to be taking her time. And when she asked me to wash her back, well, who was I to say no? Understand that I found the act of washing a woman to be extremely sensual -- and by that I mean arousing.

Alas, I was pretty tapped out from the evening's festivities.

After bidding adieu to the client, Simone headed home in separate cabs. Take care, she said. We'll probably see each other soon.

"You too," I said. "Goodnight."

Collapsing into the backseat of the cab, I felt my stomach twist into a knot.

I cannot, any under circumstances, develop feelings for Simone. No way, no how. But when I say that she is the most mysterious and attractive woman I've met since Rebecca, I mean it.

Will my life ever stop being so complicated?

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