Monday, December 14, 2009

Book Deals, Politics, and the Legalization of Prostitution

Monday, December 14, 2009
Had a bit of fanciful thinking this afternoon at the beach.

Once again, I found myself enviable of Dr. Brooke Magnanti's ability to reveal herself as Belle de Jour, mainly because prostitution isn't illegal in the United Kingdom. And seeing how she paid tax on her earnings, there was nothing that the authorities could really do.

The government here in the United States isn't nearly as enlightened. In Washington D.C. -- even with the Democrats in power -- there are still many die-hard social conservatives whose values are completely backward. Abortion is murder, they say, yet the death penalty and loose gun control laws are fine.

Religion belongs in public, as long as it's Christianity. Under no circumstances could other religions such as Islam, Wicca or even Buddhism be permitted. Jews get a pass because being Anti-Semitic makes one look like a fool. Never mind endorsing a bimbo like Sarah Palin for vice president...

Assuming this blog ever did became a hit, I would love to have it compiled into a book and reach those who prefer print over digital. And revealing myself as the author would be even better. Sure, there would be the initial period in which the media would dig into my past and try to find some dirt, but sooner or later there would be another scandal to take my place.

At this rate, I'm betting that it would be an athlete cheating on his wife ;-)

I have tons of promotional ideas, too. For the hardcover edition of my book, I would love it if the publisher would include a DVD loaded with extras -- a sit-down interview, perhaps, as well as some of my photography and short stories to give people an idea of what I do in my non-working hours.

Most of all, I think my idea for a contest is pretty daring. Each reader would receive a code to enter in on a website. Out of all those submitted, one would be picked at random, and the grand-prize winner would win a trip to Miami and a sit-down dinner with me, during which they could ask any question they like.

That last bit might sound impractical, but man would it be good press. In the never-ending quest to sell books, publishers around the world have had to up the ante and think of new ways to entice readers and make them feel like they're getting something extra for their hard-earned dollar.

Escorts, in my opinion, know all about the value of a dollar -- both earning it and spending it. And unlike our spend-happy government (while I support the Democratic party and President Obama, I recognize the fact that spending our way into deficit-hell isn't a wise move), some of us are downright prudent financially.

Of course, there could be a golden bullet in terms of both financial woes and the fact that my profession is illegal. I, like many escorts, think it's time the United States government legalizes prostitution nationwide and taxes it, just like they do for alcohol and tobacco.

Add in marijuana and suddenly you have tax revenue coming in from all sides. The conservatives would have a fit -- not that they haven't used prostitutes or done illegal drugs before. They're just too hypocritical to ever admit it.

Hopefully, one such dreams of mine will come true. Until then, be sure to remember that escorts are just looking to earn a living. They don't need anyone watching over them. We're perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves.

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