Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fiction Excerpt

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Another bout of insomnia has caused me to do something rather unusual...

As I've mentioned before, I write fiction in my spare time. One novel is complete and is currently being edited before I begin querying to agents. This next piece is unrelated to the first one.

Now, the plot might offend some sensibilities, though given the fact that I'm a whore blogging about my experiences in sex work, I don't expect to have any prudish readers. Sex and violence, however, are two different things. This current fiction project I'm working on is much more violent than sexual.

The plot thus far: Seventeen-year-old Adrian Troy is a killer. Living in Seattle, his latest victim is a college student at the University of Washington, a young man by the name of Trevor Brown.

Read on for more. And please, go easy -- this is a first draft, something I literally wrote on the plane ride down to Miami this afternoon. Cheers!


Adrian Troy was a seventeen-year-old killer, and Seattle was his hunting ground.

He’d followed his victim to Mt. Rainer National Park -- quite an unusual spot considering it was nine o’clock at night. Mother Nature had blessed the Pacific Northwest with yet another day of rain, which suited Adrian just fine. Rain had a great way of washing blood clean and destroying any potential evidence at a crime scene.

After turning off the engine to his car, Adrian cracked his knuckles and sighed, wondering if the kill would be worth it. As feared as sexual predators were, Adrian knew first-hand that they paled when were face-to-face with an equal instead of some meek girl.

Oh, but he couldn’t let this one go. Not Trevor Brown -- the University of Washington student who’d partaken in the gang rape of a teenage girl. Sexual assault was par the course for many fraternity brothers, but normally they targeted fellow students. Drugging a high school girl with Rohypnol and then “sharing” her with the brothers upstairs was especially pathetic.

Patrick exited his car and entered the park, the light of his cigarette acting like a beacon for Adrian to follow. When the small, orange light grew dimmer, Adrian knew it was time to exit his car and follow Patrick on-foot, less the risk losing his prey inside the vast preserve.

Hopefully he won’t scream, Adrian thought. Maybe I should just slit his throat, just as a precaution. But then how can I get him to confess? Shit -- why does killing people have to be so complicated?

Right when Adrian thought he might lose sight of Patrick, his victim was kind enough to take out a flashlight and give him an even easier way to track him. Patrick, for all his preppy attire, appeared quite drunk. He staggered along the trail as if he might fall at any moment. Cursing under his breath, Patrick was totally oblivious to the fact that he was being followed.

For Adrian, it was almost too easy.

When Patrick finally stopped, Adrian rushed up from behind and plunged the hunting knife into Patrick’s back. It wasn’t a killing blow -- no, that would have been merciful. Instead, it pierced Patrick’s kidney and caused him to collapse, the blood already seeping out of the wound and onto the wet, brown earth.

“Don’t bother moving,” Adrian said coldly. “I just punctured your kidney.”

“Who… who the fuck are you?!” Patrick cried. “What are you doing--!”

Adrian grunted then kicked Patrick in the ribs. The twenty-one-year-old cried out again, this time in pain instead of shock and anger. His face was glowing from the flashlight he’d dropped during the ambush, its twisted grimace oddly satisfying to Adrian’s sense of justice. Funny how Patrick could look so innocent, even when Adrian knew damn well he was guilty.

“I’m here for Dana,” Adrian said. “You know, the girl you and your fraternity brothers raped last August? But then I’m sure your father had all of that taken care of.”

Patrick opened his mouth to speak, but Adrian flipped him over onto his back and planted a foot onto his chest before he could utter one word. Picking up the flashlight, Adrian pointed it at the hunting knife he held in his hand before directing the light right into Patrick’s eyes.

“You think fucking a girl who’d just been drugged makes you a man?” Adrian asked. “Do you? Come on, tell me. Have one iota of fucking decency for once and confess your crimes.”

“They… They made me do it,” Patrick whispered.

“Don’t give me that shit,” Adrian snapped. “You’re the goddamn president of the fraternity. Just like your father before you.”

Patrick had no reply. The guilty usually don’t. Adrian was still marveling at how child-like Patrick looked in the radiance of the flashlight. His blonde hair was wet and dirty, matted to his face in a series of messy locks. Tears were streaming down his eyes, though that did little to provoke sympathy on Adrian’s behalf.

“Dana would have cried too,” Adrian said. “I guess drugging her was a twisted act of mercy on your part. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to kill you.”

A bit rushed, I know, but hopefully effective. How will Adrian kill Trevor? And bear in mind, this is just the opening chapter. There's something far more sinister at work in Seattle -- a serial killer that begins targeting teens at Adrian's high school.

I'm excited about this project, and at the idea of working with a teenage serial killer. But don't worry, my blogging will continue on as usual. I just thought this might be a nice diversion, and a way for all readers to see another side of my creative mind.
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