Saturday, May 30, 2009


Saturday, May 30, 2009
I've been wondering if getting snipped is a good idea.

Think about it: As a sex-worker, I have intercourse far more often than any normal man would. Even my fellow 20-somethings here in Miami probably don't fuck as much as I do, and that's really saying something. Would having a vasectomy be a wise move to prevent unwanted pregnancy?

I'm religious about using condoms -- every time, all the time, no exceptions. STDs are nothing to laugh about, and even if the risk is lower for a man than it is for a woman, I'm still value my health far too much to fuck without protection.

I get tested regularly, and to date have been clean as a whistle. Still, it's pregnancy that worries me more than catching a disease. The idea of a client being pregnant with my child and possibly raising him/her with another man is unsettling. Of course, the alternative -- abortion -- would have implications for the mother as well, though I'm thoroughly pro-choice.

Assuming I do get snipped, there is always the option of harvesting my sperm in the event that I'd like to have a child in the future. If I remember correctly, the sperm can last somewhere in the area of 10 years before they're no longer good. So, I'd have until the age of 33 to use those sperm. I suppose I could always make another "donation" as well.

As of right now all of this is theory. In fact, I'm unsure whether I could even find a doctor who'd be willing to perform the procedure. Many of them report that guys my age often come back down the road requesting a reversal, which is more complicated than the initial snip.

I have no idea how long I plan on staying in escorting, although my agent told me several times that men have a much longer career expectancy than women. A double-standard, certainly, for a man's "maturity" is often smiled upon, whereas women are often pushed aside for their younger counterparts.

Decision, decisions. Thus far, Rebecca is voting against the snip, saying that I was meant to be a parent. According to her I'll marry later -- perhaps in my late 30s -- and have one or two children after that. She likes to think of herself as a life coach, apparently with psychic abilites as well.

I love living life, taking things as they come, but sometimes I wouldn't mind a crystal ball. Am I destined to stay in escorting for the next 10 years? Next 5? Or will I trade it in for an office job in my field of study, and act as if it never happened?

The latter could happen when the ecnonmy improves, though after working for myself, toiling for "the man" might be a burden. Obviously I'll give up escorting one day, and that's one of the reasons I'm keeping this blog. No matter what, I never want to forget.

Some might think I should be ashamed of being a whore, but I'm not. And as of right now, I wouldn't trade it for any other job out there.

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