Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fists of Fury

Thursday, May 28, 2009
"I want you to fist me," she said. "Can you do that?"

Fisting isn't something I do often in my personal life. In fact, I've only done it once. Still, I told the client it was no problem, and that I would just need plenty of lube and a little bit of time.

I started out with my fingers, working them back and forth, expanding them ever so gently. I'm not sure how long it all took, but eventually I was able to tuck my thumb between my middle and index finger and begin to make something that resembled a fist inside of her.

"Is that okay?" I asked, unsure how I was doing.

"Yes," she answered. "Keep going -- you're still not there yet."

It's always nice to have some direction, particularly when I have my hand inside a woman's pussy. How exactly she derived pleasure from this I do not know. Was I somehow stimulating her clitoris? Or was it the G-spot that's normally stimulated during vaginal sex?

"If I start to hurt you, just tell me and I'll stop."

"You're fine..." she said breathlessly. "Yes, right... THERE!"

Her face flushed red as she threw her head back and let out a cry. Sweat clung to her brow. She clutched her breasts, pinching the nipples as I continued. After a few minutes she came, and when I withdrew my fist from inside of her it was wet -- glistening, even.

The smell was strong but not unpleasant. I went into the bathroom and washed off, then began to dress. I'd stripped down to my underwear, but never got completely naked. In fact, she and I didn't even have sex. Had I known that, I wouldn't have run to Rite Aid at the last minute to pick up a new box of Trojans.

"Thanks," I said, on my way out. "If you'd like to see me again, just call my agent."

"Uh-huh," she said, suddenly uninterested. "Drive safe."

Escorting is certainly a strange career. Moments before I'd just had my hand inside this woman's pussy, and now she hardly looks me in the eye. Was she ashamed of paying for sex? Upset that her husband couldn't fist her and she had to hire out?

Then again, I suppose I shouldn't complain. I got paid for something that took less than an hour. I just hope the smell doesn't linger in the days to come...

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