Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thursday, May 14, 2009
Boundaries are healthy for any relationship. Escorts have them too -- especially the girls, who really make an effort to care for themselves and maintain their health and vitality.

What about me, then? One of the good things about being a man in this industry is knowing that my clients are virtually incapable of forcing me to do something I don't want to do. I don't mean to be chauvinistic, but the idea of a 5'4" woman trying to overpower me physically is foolish. Still, there are some thing I say no to, but that doesn't mean I won't partake in them outside of work.

No one is tying me up. Ditto for blindfolds, wrist restraints and/or handcuffs, as well as recreational drugs. I wish to remain lucid and mobile during my working hours, thank you very much. Anything related to BDSM is highly unlikely as well... at least when I'm on the job.

Outside of work, however, I'm game for a lot. Back when we still dated, Rebecca tanned my backside with a riding crop. The pain was sharp, stinging, and highly pleasurable. Laying on my stomach, I could feel my cock hardening by the second, pressing into the mattress when it really wanted to thrust through Rebecca's pussy.

She wasn't finished there, though. Cheesy as this may sound, having hot wax dripped onto my chest was alarming. I cursed aloud, begging her to let me fuck her already. She'd blindfolded me before starting, so I never knew when the wax would come next.

"Do you like that?" she asked, and dripped more, catching me on the nipple.

"It's hot," I replied. "Really, really hot."

"That wasn't a no," she said, then dropped more wax on my abdomen. "Or would you prefer another spanking? I'll do it with your own belt." She took off the blindfold and looked me in the eye. Though I was protesting her treatment I was still hard as a rock.

"Spanking," I muttered, and she obliged.

After fifteen strokes, she took mercy on me and starting sucking my cock. Her fingernails grazed along the shaft, followed by her tongue swirling around the head. Her soft moans mixed in with the general suction of the act itself, quickly bringing me to the edge. Then, as I was about to come, she took me out of her mouth and finished me off with her hand, allowing me to ejaculate in her face in the process.

I know it's typical to say she looked beautiful with my semen on her face, but it's true.

I rested for a bit, while Rebecca went to the bathroom to wash her face. We later took a bath together, which was heavenly. To this day, Rebecca is the only woman who knows about some of the "darker" desires I have. I plan to keep it that way until I find someone I can confide in.

If there's one thing escorting has taught me, it's that there is a difference between love and sex. I might be available for an hourly free, but real love doesn't cost a thing.
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