Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Not much in the way of escorting this weekend, mostly due to the holiday. Memorial Day is one of those holidays where people get together with friends and/or family for barbecues and other such festivities. There's no room at the table for a whore, thankfully. I haven't had a free weekend in ages.

Rebecca and I met for a late lunch, early dinner type meal. No sooner did I order a Mike's Hard Lemonade did she begin talking shop.

"I had a client the other day," she said, "he wanted me to..."


She pointed to my Hard Lemonade and let me fill in the blank. I've heard of men who like getting pissed on before, but never thought of whether or not Rebecca had to fulfill such a request.

"So how do you go about it?" I asked. "Stop by Publix and get a few bottles of water, then...?"

"Pretty much. I like Evian the best. Expensive as hell, but tasty."

"Do you still do it after he gets his little shower?"

"Before the shower, if he wants sex at all. Sometimes he's satisfied with being tinkled on."

I chuckled at Rebecca's use of the word "tinkle" as our appetizer came. Is there anything better than calamari with red sauce? I could eat it everyday -- bad news, considering it's fried and not very healthy.

"I'm thinking of taking a vacation this summer," Rebecca said. "Preferrably somewhere cool; somewhere I've never been before."

"I've heard Seattle is nice during the summer time."

"That could work, or even Vancouver. Is there any differnece betwen the two?"

"Not sure," I said, "but considering Vancouver is in Canada I'm sure the people are more polite."

"I'll keep you posted. You should come with, come to think of it. You're way better at navigating cities than I am."

Rebecca always said that she appreciated "masculine skills", such as reading a map or figuring out a public transport system. Being from the northeast, I suppose those skills just come more naturally to me. In any event, visiting the Pacific Northwest with Rebecca was very appealing.

"Do you ever think it's odd that we've stayed friends?" I asked.

"No, not at all. Why do you ask?"

"Most guys don't stay friends with their ex-girlfriends."

"You've never been like most guys -- thank God."

I've heard that a lot the past few years, especially when I was still at college. Most guys, as I'm told, are assholes. And yet women still keep putting up with them...

Then again, maybe that's why they end up coming to me. They might marry an asshole, but when it comes to paying for companionship, they expect to be treated well.

"You alive in there?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah, sorry. You ready to order? I'm getting the salmon steak..."

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