Friday, November 13, 2009

The Other Woman

Friday, November 13, 2009
Gigolos aren't supposed to fall in love.

It ruins our careers -- literally. Having sex with other women when all you want is the waiting for you at home is enough to send a Man About Town into the unemployment line. I don't want that to happen. I can't let that happen. My apartment and bills and other expenses don't pay for themselves.

Still, that doesn't stop me from actually meeting someone that I really do want to spend more time with. Perhaps that contributed to the bitchy tone of my last blog post about the mermaid woman. Ordinarily, I would be just fine with a client being a little eccentric.

This girl -- I haven't thought of a fake name for her yet -- she's beautiful. University-educated, and currently in a graduate program. Olive skin, long black hair, and no, she isn't Hispanic, but rather Filipino.

And while I'm not truly "in love" with her, the feelings are strong enough for me to wish that I was either employed in a real job or had some other way support myself other than escorting.

Now you know why I took the interview for the "real job" up north.

So for everyone out there who thinks that I'm just a misogynist who somehow managed to make a career out of having sex with wealthy middle-aged women, rest assured that I have problems, too. Perhaps not as dire as other people in the midst of this rotten economy, but problems none the less.

And yes, just for those who were wondering, I have work tonight. Beautiful.
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