Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do nice guys really finish last?

If one were to follow pop culture, nice guys go through hell before finally landing the girl -- once she realizes her mistake, of course. The plot is simple: Girl falls for some macho idiot, sacrificing her friendship with the kind, dependable and loving man she’s known all along. Then, right as she’s about to marry the aforementioned idiot, she realizes her mistake, and returns to the friend (who’s been in love with her the whole time) and lives happily ever after.

And in the real world? I’ve been an escort long enough to hear plenty of women lament marrying their husbands. Some did it for money, or to fulfill some sort of social expectation (more often than not, marrying a man because he was in the proper social class, came from a “good family” and would provide her with everything she thought she needed in life).

Needless to say, if these women are paying several hundred dollars an hour to have sex with me, the state of their marriages is rather poor. Eventually, many do in fact divorce their husbands. Most receive either alimony or a lump-sum settlement, even if they’d signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Unfortunately, this often leads them to move away, which means I no longer see them.

I wish them well, of course. But it wasn’t until this happened more than once that I realized that my career is dependent on women being unhappy in their marriages -- and staying married to their douche-bag husbands in the process. Where does that leave me? It seems the best thing for these women to do is file for divorce, but that also means I will (in some cases) lose them as a client.

Divorcées provide steady, well-paying and surprisingly enjoyable sex. Most are in their mid-forties, know what they want in terms of sex, and are far more experienced and skilled than their twenty-something counterparts. In sum, I enjoy seeing them at work, and welcome the chance to be with as many of them as possible.

But once they find true happiness -- or rather, reclaim their marital independence -- it’s time to say goodbye. And while “Time to Say Goodbye” is one of my favorite songs (Sarah Brightman’s entire catalog is quite impressive, actually), sometimes it’s hard to face the music.

Oh, and before I forget, things look good for a second interview for that “real job” I mentioned before. As soon as I make the flight reservation up north, I’ll be sure to make an announcement.

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