Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day After

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

After reading my last blog entry, you’d think Adam had just won the lottery.

He just called me a little over an hour ago. Having just finished work himself, he was settled into his apartment, eager gossip over the latest drama to happen in my life. His questions mostly revolved around what led me to kiss Bailey -- and if I enjoyed it.

“I’m not sure,” I said, halfway laughing myself. “I guess I just wanted to make those girls shut up”

“Did Bailey freak out?”

“He was a little shocked at first, but he laughed afterward, too.”

As Adam and I continued talking, I heard what sounded like zippers in the background. After the first loud bang hit the floor, I assumed that Adam was packing luggage for Thanksgiving. He confirmed my suspicions, telling me that he had a flight early Wednesday morning, and that his family was meeting him at the airport.

“What are your plans?” he asked. “Going back up north?”

“No,” I said. “Staying down here with some friends.”

“Really? I’m surprised.”

“Christmas will be enough. Speaking of which, I need to think of what to get my parents. One Christmas and one Hanukkah present. Separate wrapping paper for both.”

“Multi-faith families,” Adam quipped. “They’re the wave of the future.”

“And no matter what the religion, come the holidays everyone gets drunk.”

After I let Adam go finish packing, I began typing this entry. These days, I often type up my entries in Microsoft Word before copying and pasting them into Blogger. I’ve created a folder just for blog entries. It’s called “MAN ABOUT TOWN” and it’s password-protected.

Within this folder is the monologue I’ve prepared for Briana -- the one that will enable me to tell her about my profession. Even looking at the little icon makes my heart race. Come next Monday -- when Brianna returns from the Thanksgiving holiday -- I’ll find out whether she and I have a future.

If not, I’ll probably be depressed for days. After that, however, I’ll be on the mend. If being an escort has taught me anything, it’s compartmentalization. It seems no matter what the trauma, I can deal with it and move on. A very, very useful skill to have.

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