Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back in Miami

Sunday, November 1, 2009
I'd never flown before on Halloween, and as I expected, it was business as usual at the airports. Upon arriving home, I showered, shaved, then changed into my Halloween costume and headed to South Beach for a night of fun.

For the record, I was the Phantom of the Opera -- minus the disfigured face, of course. As the night wore on, my cape became more and more burdensome, until I finally took it off and draped it over a chair. I would have left without it had a kind bartender not reminded me to pick it up.

But onto the real meat and potatoes of this past week. As I mentioned before, I had an interview for a "real job", and I think it went reasonably well. Of course, people in Human Resources are notoriously hard to to read -- and with good reason, I suppose. However, the woman was kind enough to give me her card and tell me that she had just begun her first round of interviews.

If the company is interested in seeing me again, she added, they would let me know within the next two weeks. So, I suppose all there is to do now is wait. Of course I sent a thank you e-mail, reiterating my interest in the position and (briefly) stating how my skills and background would be suited to the job.

So, should the position be offered to me, does that mean I would leave escorting permanently? Perhaps not...

While I was in the city, I received a call from a regular client of mine. Normally, she spends January through June in Miami, while the rest of her time is spent up north. She just wanted to talk. See how I was doing. She never expected that I would be in the same city as her.

And so she asked if I was available for sex.

I obliged. Sitting in the cab after the night was finished, I pondered whether or not escorting part-time would be feasible, assuming I moved up north permanently and began working at a nine-to-five job. The additional income would be great. As would the constant sex.

Still, the potential hazards are also present. Keeping my dual identities separate would be a challenge, let alone what would happen if my two personas were to ever meet. Having sex with a client one night and then waking up to realize that same client is also a client at the firm I'm working at would be a total nightmare.

A total nightmare, but not all that likely. And after working as a gigolo for over a year now, I don't feel I'll be able to abandon the profession completely. At least not immediately. A man has needs -- that's all I'm saying.
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