Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mes chères études

Thursday, November 26, 2009
It seems that students engaging in prostitution isn't exclusive to the United States or Great Britain.

In France, a student known only as Laura D. wrote a memoir entitled Mes chères études -- French for My Dear Studies. While studying at Paris University, the modern-language student found herself short on rent and other bills, and turned to prostitution to keep a roof over her head.

Click here for a link about the book, courtesy of the Times in London.

Her mother and father -- a nurse and workman, respectively -- lived in what is essentially welfare housing, and couldn't afford to send her any money. However, even their meager wages meant that Laura didn't qualify for any student aid, a scenario which is not all that uncommon in either Great Britain or the United States.

While surfing online at her apartment, Laura discovered that sex work has gone online -- that is, potential clients advertise their desires on message boards, hoping to find someone who will provide for them.

From what I understand, Laura is now working at a Paris restaurant, and doesn't want to return the world of sex work. Good for her. Judging from her statements to the press, she didn't find the experience enjoyable, and truly felt victimized by her sheer desperation to keep herself solvent.

As someone who's blessed enough to work in the high-end of this business, I often cringe at some of the stories from those who aren't as fortunate. As I've said before, anyone who answers an ad from a website like Craigslist is asking for trouble. One needs an agent to screen clients and ensure that rates are paid by the hour, often with a credit card number to guarantee such.

Of course, not everyone finds themselves in the high-end of the industry. I never forget just how fortunate I am to be afforded such a privilege, and I detest those who take advantage of sex workers, if not outright abuse them. More than anything, I hope that Laura's story will finally make people realize what I've been saying all along.

Education costs are out of control. Young adults around the world are literally whoring themselves to earn their degrees. I for one would like to see her (generally incompetent) elected officials get off their asses and do something about it.

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